Fantasy Football – NFL 2022 Week 2: Tua Tagovailoa Shines

Week 2 of the 2022 fantasy football season saw plenty of standouts, but none of them stood out more than that Toa Tagoviloa The crime of dolphins. Fabulous! What should we make of them? And what developments from Week Two are worth reading about? Matt Bowen and Tristan H. Cockcroft provide their analysis.

You just become an imaginary force

I must offer guilt and guilt to my fellow sage, Mr. Bowen, during our conversation early in the game I insisted that before I could trust Tagoviloa to throw the ball deep while playing from behind, I would first need to see the evidence. Well, that proof has come, in the form of 38.86 fictional points, performing a standard franchise six-drop. Tagovailoa seemed very comfortable broadcasting things to his two largest receivers, Trek Hill And the Jaylen WaddellAnd it even had a nice end zone to the narrow end Mike Jesicki. Tagoviloa’s accuracy isn’t exactly exact, but working with two of the game’s best wide receivers clearly helps him, and there’s no doubt I’d want him in my lineup against any defense in the bottom half of the NFL. He’ll probably fall back to QB12-15 production in Week 3 against the Bills, but give me those Jets (week 5), Steelers (week 7) and Lions (week 8) all day. – Cockcroft

Tristan, we’ve seen Tua take some vertical shots in this photo. But I still go back to the basic pass concepts in this Miami attack, which create timing and rhythm just to target the second level of the field. And when you’ve got the speed to make the difference in Hill and Waddle, the explosive opportunity to play is hopping on striped crosses, ramps, and speeds. – bowen

Amon-Ra keeps rolling

Regression, regression. Amon-Ra Saint Brown His former personal best squashed in Fantasy PPR in Week 2, scoring 39.4, including a pair of nice plays as the 58-yard scamper and 11-yard points in the middle of the fourth quarter. Most importantly, he captured 35% of the target share (12 of 34) a week after taking a 32% share (12 of 37) in the season opener, and has continued to solidify his position as a Jared GoffGo to the man. St. Brown now has double-digit goals per game since Week 13 of last season, as well as the league leader’s 210.9 points during that time. cooper cup And a few other players (if they have huge matches) could catch him for honors later in Week 2. With an eye for quarterback, elite skills and a defense that will put the rapidly improving Lions attack into passing situations, Saint Brown sure has a look. League winner again. – Cockcroft



Tristan H. Cockcroft explains why Amon-Ra St. Brown in his dominant fantasy performance.

Waddle and Hill presents Miami fireworks

The Miami match scenario was derailed today, which led to this Jaylen Waddell Seeing 19 goals in a comeback win over Baltimore. However, it was a good look at how Mike McDaniel deployed the receiver in his system, with its internal cutouts, screens and vertical striped shafts. Waddle has super game ability, as well as instant speed after hunting, which fits in with Tua’s attributes as a fling. Waddle finished with 11 grabs for 171 yards and two pitches—which was good for a 40.1 PPR. It was a ridiculous day for the sophomore pros, who would be a strong WR2 in a tough week three match against the Bills defense. – bowen

Fun fact: Waddle and Trek Hill Becomes the first pair of wide receivers to score over 40 PPR fantasy points in the same game since 1954. Cockcroft

Swift continues to advance in the RB . rankings

you can lock Dandrey Swift As a top-five right-back he runs forward, regardless of the match. On Sunday, in a reduced role due to an ankle injury, Swift earned a 16.7 PPR — in just six touches — in the Lions’ win over the Leaders. We can all see the juice he brings to the Detroit Run. Look for the open daylight and go. This is the visibility and velocity of the short area to reach the open field. He also produces as a receiver, with 62 yards and a point in six wins over the first two weeks of the season. This black offense can move the ball. It is well planned. Swift and Detroit get their next split game against the Vikings. – bowen

Chubb finds the end zone three times

take Jacobi Brisset The quarterback didn’t seem to hold back a running game Brown, who is responsible for 401 yards and four touchdowns in two weeks. Nick Chubb He took three of the scores on Sunday, resulting in a fictional 32.3 for the PPR, and appears to have turned up big on an early part of the team’s schedule. Make sure it’s in every lineup as an RB1 frontier. – Cockcroft

Top five runner in the league, Tristan. This is how I see Chubb – in violation of the volume increase. Easy money in your deck – bowen

other notes

Lamar JacksonQB, Baltimore Ravens: He became the first midfielder in history to pass And the A quick drop of at least 75 yards in the same game, plus he hit a new personal best with 42.62 fantasy points. Despite it all, Tagovailoa’s exceptional performance and Dolphins’ stunning comeback overshadowed Jackson’s performance. This was a game of speed and big plays, Jackson was at his best and can’t be blamed (this falls squarely on Baltimore’s defense). Like Yankees’ Aaron Judge (who ranks 58th and 59th today), Jackson plays as a man who’s excited about a big new contract — and that comes from a man who generally doesn’t believe in year-round players. I don’t think I would remove him from the top five even in the face of stronger defenses, like his fourth week against the Bills. He’s got the next Patriots. – Cockcroft



Tristan H. Cockcroft says Lamar Jackson’s historic day ended on a low note, but he still confirmed his weekly status among the top five quarterbacks no matter the match.

I’m with you on Lamar. He throws the ball with speed, position and targets all three levels of the playing field. In addition, he is simply the most powerful player in the league with the ball in his hands – in determined lunges or attempts to scramble. – bowen

Tom BradyQB, Tampa Pirate Bay: Is Brady out of QB1 next week? I think it’s a fair question having only scored 9.4 points in the Boss’ second week win over the Saints. Yes, this is a tough match for Brady. Dennis Allen’s defense can be plotted against the veteran midfielder. Bucs suffer injuries to the wide receiver and front, too. But Brady didn’t produce big numbers (10.38 points) in the Bucks’ first week game against Dallas either. Currently, this is a transition offense, and Tampa got the Green Bay defense in Week 3. – bowen

Rams running their backs: After the start of the American Football League Thursday, which Cam AkersLimited use became one of the biggest events of the opening week, narrowing the usage gap with Daryl Henderson Jr.. In Week 2, he played 43.5% of offensive picks versus Henderson’s 56.5%, while winning the 17-10 total touches race. In addition to the Rams’ lonely rushing touchdown, he indicates that he’s still largely involved in the backfield mix. Henderson needs your Rams to keep running backwards in the imagination, even though Akers’ stock is up a bit. – Cockcroft

Christian KirkWR, Jacksonville Jaguars: Kirk scored 25.8 points in the Jags’ Week 2 win over the Colts, but it was the scoring plays that stood out to me. All of his landings were striped concepts inside the red zone. There was a corner track from the rear field alignment, then a “hide” boot scheme with Kirk’s firing behind the line of scrimmage to the opposite apartment. Kirk has now captured 12 of his 18 goals for 195 yards in his first two games for the Jags. WR3 will remain next week with a match against the Charger. – bowen



Eric Moody explains why Christian Kirk has real fantasy potential as a WR two.

Damon PierceRB, Houston, Texas: After sharing bears with Rex Burkhead In the first week, Pierce was the clear lead on Sunday against the Broncos, rushing for 69 yards on 15 gigs. And I’m just looking at the size here. If that remains consistent for Pierce, he could be included in the squad as a potential flexible player. While running downhill and bodily, Pierce invites friction and has the ability to shake defenders. – bowen

Drake LondonWR, Atlanta Falcons: London scored 24.6 PPR points against the Rams. Fit the system there. This is the size. The Novice saw 12 hits in this one, hitting eight passes for 86 yards and down (when throwing a low red area). London now has 13 out of 19 goals after two pro matches. He’ll rise up the ranks for me this week. Start it off as a powerful WR3 against the Seahawks’ defense next Sunday. – bowen

Garrett WilsonWR, New York Jets: Wilson is ranked at 70.3% of ESPN’s leagues, a must this week after dropping 30.0 points PPR in Gates’ win over Brown on Sunday. The Novice captured 8 of the 14 goals in this 102-yard, 2-yard target—including the game winner. Dynamic and very surprising, Wilson demonstrated his ability to shake the pressure in the red, and he can break free in space. The Ohio State Producer gets a week 3 match with the Bengals next. It’s a WR3 deeper league. – bowen

Curtis SamuelW.R., Washington Leaders: You can keep Samuel in the WR3 mix for next week’s match against the Eagles. The wide receiver scored 22.9 PPR points in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, having scored 19.2 points in Week 1. Samuel scored touchdowns in both games to start the season. Scrolling game size is present. And its versatility creates opportunities in this attack on manufactured touches. – bowen



Eric Moody explains why Curtis Samuel set out to achieve imaginative success with leaders.

Matt RyanQB, Indianapolis Colts: His performances and that of the Colts in Week Two were as far from the “bounce” mark as possible, as the Colts were closed by the Jaguars’ rivals in the 24-0 Division. Ryan flopped again, gave him five (he lost only one, thankfully) for the season and was intercepted three times, bringing back painful memories of his Carson WentzPlay is subject to rotation. Even worse, Ryan’s inability to get things done caused a 10-touch and 7.3 PPR fantasy point to the star run back. Jonathan Taylorone of his worst careers to date, and the team needs a quick calendar to ease any panic out there. Michael Bateman Jr.was for the absence. – Cockcroft

I agree with the impact on wide receiver injuries here, Tristan. And poor play from the Colts’ offensive line really exposed Ryan’s diminished motor skills. He needs specific throws, tempo, and clean pads to produce consistent numbers. – bowen