Elmarko Jackson smashed his top seven schools

South Kent School (Connecticut) four star recruit El Marco Jackson He told On3 it’s down to seven schools: Miami, Kansas, Texas, Notre Dame, Virginia, University of California, And the Villanova.

Jackson, the 6-foot-4, 190-pound Ranger 2023 class, has made one official visit to Miami. To be seen kansas This weekend, followed by Texas Next weekend. our lady It will be hosted on October 30 and Virginia He will receive the fifth and final judgment with a date to be determined.

In addition to the seven finalists, Jackson, a native of Marlton, New Jersey, has received offers from Maryland, Louisville, Virginia Commonwealth University, Michigan, and others.

Jackson is the likely 25th overall in the 2023 class, according to On3 . consensus, which is the average ranking of all four major recruitment media firms. He is also the number 4 goalkeeper and number one player in Connecticut.

Elmarko sat down with On3 for an in-depth interview about his last seven schools.

Jackson sums up his first official visit to Miami

“Miami was really good. I have to talk to all the staff. I had a really good time with the players and the team. They showed me what it was like around campus. And then late at night, I went into the gym with Isaiah Wong, just playing with him, and shoot him a little, and that was really good.

“I was really able to see the team for what it really was and it was really good. There were no tricks, not like shine and shine and things like that, which is something I really liked a lot. I just created a really good relationship with the guys out there now.”

What are Jackson’s main takeaways from his trip?

“My main conclusion is how good Coach L’s relationship is with his players. It’s really like a family there. It’s something I haven’t really seen at the university level yet. It was really nice to see how connected the entire basketball team is to each other, as well as the coaching staff, to the point That they can really go to Coach L’s house and relax and chop it up.”

Preview to Visit KS and Jayhawks Recruiting Field

Jackson will be making a trip to Lawrence to officially visit Kansas this coming weekend. What is he looking forward to and what are his expectations for the trip?

“I’m looking forward to seeing how they work as a team and getting a chance to watch them train a bit. I want to see how the coach (Bale) himself and the coaching staff push their players. I want to see what the players are like as a unit and how they are off the field.”

What is the idea of ​​Kansas recruiting for Jackson?

“The idea of ​​recruiting for me is that they don’t recruit me as a new student so that I don’t play. They want me to go out there and earn my place as a key player and play with him. Chris Johnson Being like a key guard with the ball is like facilitating, playing defense, making shots, and just contributing to the great legacy that basketball has in Kansas.”

Texas visit preview

“I was just talking with coach (Chris) Bird today. He’s just telling me I’m their priority keeper. He says he wants to do the same thing as KS, put the ball in my hand, make me a key keeper, play defense, get buckets, but also get me to play. Ball. Do some action, like I did with my team at Al Ain University this summer. Get off the pin, some screens, all that kind of stuff. Just make me a more versatile player. And winning the national championship. That’s something he talks about really a lot.”

our lady

“They play with a lot of freedom. I talk to coach (Anthony) Wiche about that a lot. They give their players a lot of freedom in their attack, so it’s a free-flowing offense and they play at a very fast pace.”


“Virginia changes their insult type like a European kind of insult. The way they appear on screens and things like that. And just like in defense, how they go after it. They are a very aggressive defensive team.

“Coach Tony Bennett is a really good coach. He played at the highest level in the NBA where I want to play. He’s played a guard, which is the same position as me. I feel like he’s got more knowledge in this kind of field than some of these other coaches when it comes to Getting into the NBA at this point guard.”

Jackson speaking at Villanova, UCLA

Although they won’t get official visits, Jackson will still consider moving forward with Villanova and UCLA.

Vilanova: “I spoke with the entire coaching staff last week. We just talked about how seriously they take basketball, how their schedule is, how efficient it is to stay home and stay in that area. How easy that would be for me. Pretty much how basketball does At Villanova it does it differently and prepares you for the NBA.”

University of California: “They are doing a really good job developing their players. Coach Mick (Cronin) was in Cincinnati and he developed players pretty much from the ground up. Now that I’m in a position like that at UCLA, maybe there are kids like me who go out there and develop me into a A starting guard in the NBA and just to start working and contributing to the admiration of the winning legacy that UCLA has.”

What is Jackson looking for in school?

“I look at how hard coaches push the players. How closed everyone is to winning, and that only applies to the whole crew and the players, how locked up they are. Just a culture where everyone is doing their best and pushing each other to be better.”

How much role will the NIL play in the decision?

“I mean, he’s going to play a role, but not the biggest part. It’s definitely something I’m thinking about right now that college players can get paid by the NIL. So that’s something I’m looking forward to but definitely not the biggest factor in the totem pole when it comes to making the decision.”

“I’m still trying to figure things out,” Jackson says. “After I make my visits, I’ll probably decide before the high school basketball season starts in mid-November.”