Eagles vs Vikings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This was more like the Eagles’ release that was expected at the season opener in Detroit. Arrived a week later, but the Eagles got a solid glimpse of what they could be in demolish 24-7 to visit Minnesota Vikings Monday evening at Lincoln Financial Field.

second, Galen Hurts excelled.

He completed 26 of 31 for 333 yards and touchdowns, scoring twice on the ground, while directing the Eagles’ attack for 486 yards of total attack.

For as Hurts looked in humiliation, slay Darius He was incomparable in defense. Veteran corner player Justin Jefferson completely shut out the Vikings star, stopping him for five hits Kirk Cousins, breaking three passes and blocking two passes into the red zone.

There was a lot of good, with a little bit of a bad and ugly touch in the Eagles’ 24-7 win over the Vikings.

The good

Galen Hurts I was Everything the eagles want. Shifted 2 of 2 down a third. He completed five of five for 63 yards and finished driving with a three-yard TD, dodging two Vikings to reach the finish zone. Hurts started the game by completing his first 11. Hurts was amazing in the first half, completing 17 of 20 for 251 yards and touchdowns, and rushing for an additional 50 yards on seven stands for two touchdowns. Hurts had 301 yards by himself during the first two quarters.

back corner slay Darius He hit the bottom of a Kirk Cousins ​​pass assigned to Justin Jefferson on the first drive of Minnesota in third and fifth in the Vikings 30. Sly later intercepted Cousins’ pass on Minnesota’s first drive in the second half. The five-time Cousins ​​targeted Jefferson with Sly on him, and Sly won, throwing three passes and getting two more—both in the red.

back corner James Bradbury He hit away a pass assigned to the tight end Irv Smith Jr. on the Vikings’ second drive on the third and five of the Minnesota 44. For the second time, the Eagles forced a powerful attack from the Minnesota in three.

the Eagles’ crime in the first quarter. Converted three of four first touchdowns and accumulated 125 yards of total attack, averaging 6.2 yards to play for a 7-0 lead.

the Eagles’ first quarter defense. It carried the supposedly strong Vikings offense to 10 total yards and an average of 1.7 yards to play. This included three workshops in the first two drives in Minnesota. Minnesota didn’t drop first until 13:25 was left in the half, ironically for Galen Regor’s 17-yard run.

eagles back TJ Edwards He broke a pass from Cousins ​​to Smith in third and second at Minnesota 34 with a 5:00 left in the first inning.

tight end Dallas Guedert‘s Domain blocking on Vikings safety Harrison Smith on Hurts touchdown 26 yards in the second quarter.

Cornback Nickel Avonte MaddoxThe Eagles intercepted at 15 to thwart the Minnesota comeback with 2:19 left in the third. Choosing Maddox was a good answer to the Vikings’ attempt to shoot the blocked field goal in the Eagles’ previous leadership.


Leave the eagles guard Landon Dickerson You were called up twice for being an ineligible player in the Eagles’ first two installments. The first time came third and eighth in the Minnesota 45, and it could have jeopardized the Eagles’ first drive. Fortunately, Hurts did not allow it. In the third and thirteenth midfield, AJ Brown hit for 13 yards and landed first. The second time around, Dickerson put the second series at an early disadvantage as it was reported in the first drive play.

The right guard Isaac Sumalo was nailed A penalty kick for an ineligible player in the third game of the Eagles.

Six of the Eagles’ eight penalty kicks came up front.


eagles back patrick johnson Falling indoors on Cousins’ 2-yard fairway to Smith for the first Vikings touchdown with 9:39 left in half.

what was Hasson Riddick Covering tight end Johnny Mondt for 1st and 10th at Eagles 19? Didn’t Riddick come here to run the quarterback? Mundt picked up 17 yards. Minnesota first recorded the following play.

Noah Tujiay completely Missing Patrick Peterson after Jake Elliott attempted a 41-yard field goal with 3:17 left in the third. The blocked field target almost produced a TD, which would have given the Vikings some momentum.

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