Eagles vs Vikings predictions for the second week of the NFL season

The Eagles (1-0) beat the Vikings (1-0) at Link Monday night in their home game opener.

For predictions:

Robin Frank (1-0)

I know one thing. If the Eagles played against the Vikings as they did against the Lions, they would not win this match. There are a lot of trends that vultures prefer. Kirk Cousins ​​is 10-17 years old on his primetime career and 2-9 on Monday nights. The Vikings were 6-13 in their last 19 outdoor games and 2-16 in their last 18 outdoor games against the winning teams. It’s a game the Eagles must win, but until I see this defense play against a good midfielder, I can’t pick them up. That was a pathetic show on Sunday in Detroit. After all the roster additions and all the talk of improved pass compression and more playmaking to allow 35 points for a team that has scored 35 points twice in the past four years? To miss 15 treatments? To allow five engines to land 70 yards? Nearly blow up 17 points advance the second half? Cousins ​​may not be a great midfielder – he’s only won one playoff game in 10 seasons – but he’s a brilliant passer, and his 98.8 pass rating is the fifth-highest rating in history – behind only Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. If that defense doesn’t play better, he and Justin Jefferson will tear them apart. They also have an elite group at Dalphin Cook. I don’t see a win unless a lot of things change on the defensive side.

Vikings 33, Eagles 31

Dave Zangaro (1-0)

This is a difficult game to discover. On the one hand, the Vikings have a very good roster and their weapons in attack are intimidating, especially after we watched the Eagles fight against the lions last week. But the Vikings are coming off an emotional first-week win over the Packers, and I sometimes wonder what teams will come out of these kinds of games. As far as Eagles’ defense goes, I was quite apprehensive about what we saw in the first week, but I’m still confident the unit will turn it around. There is a lot of talent on this side of the ball to not do it.

And in the case of an attack, I have no reason to believe that the Eagles can’t replicate their success in the first week. The best defensive Vikings are the two protagonists Zadarius Smith and Daniel Hunter. Well, I’m going to continue dealing with the Eagles in that match with Lynne Johnson and Jordan Melata. If the Eagles can keep Jalen Hurts clean and balance their attack, they have a chance to put in a lot of points again. This should be soon, but I’ll go with my hunch here and give the home team the win on Monday Night Football.

Eagles 27, Vikings 24

Barrett Brooks (1-0)

Monday night under the lights! This is a defense measuring rod game. This will be an accurate assessment of whether the birds have invested enough talent on this side of the ball. Vikings are full of offensive talent. Running defines everything and Dalvin Cook is an outstanding player. He has size, speed, explosiveness and dribbling. The weak link in Vikings crime is OL. If they keep up the running game, it will be easy for the offender to throw deep passes to Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. Kirk Cousins ​​could light it up if he had protection. The easiest way to get protection is to play. The gameplay movement also allows the OL to play more aggressively and provides additional protection with TEs and RBs. OC Wes Phillips orchestrated the game plan that allowed record-breaking between Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp, (145 catches, 1945 yards, 16 TD.)

His work will depend on DC Jonathan Gannon. How will he adapt to the scheme that laid the Packers defense last week? Number 1, the DL must come to work. The DL will have to stop running. Number 2, the front four are going to have to get great passes on the Cousins ​​and make him uncomfortable. I have no doubt that high school will be able to slow down Jefferson’s pace, but it all starts with the DL he brings on Monday night.

Offensively, Jalen Hurts and OL will come to play. The offense will be able to score with the run and pass the Vikings defense. OL knows they didn’t play at their level last week. Miles Sanders and Jordan Hicks will be a key match for me in the game. If Sanders is having a great day, crime will rule the day.

Eagles 34, Vikings 26

Mike Mulhern (1-0)

Feelings are high for Vikings. They are no longer ruled by Mike Zimmer’s iron fist and after stifling Green Bay rival Aldrin, a League title appears within reach this season.

New coach Kevin O’Connell is considered the latest genius from the Sean McVay training tree, bringing with him a quick, agile attack. Just don’t get carried away by opening week returns. The Packers blew up coverage after coverage, allowing Justin Jefferson (who doesn’t need favours) to let loose. Can Jonathan Gannon’s group avoid those fatal wounds they inflicted on themselves? Their performance against lions indicates “no”.

Giving up 35 points is scandalous. Passing rush was lacking and running defense could be worse. In particular, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson had problems with running fits and handling corners as he made the transition from a nickel corner to safety. This should be fixed with more reps. However, the defense put together four straight streaks that included three doubles and six picks by James Bradbury. So maybe there is something to build on.

Offensively, I wouldn’t expect the Vikings to emulate the Lions’ game plan for pressure, pressure, and more pressure. Detroit played a big role in Jalen Hurts’ strengths by forcing him to run and definitely making them pay the price. Hurts will continue to play with his legs, but the Vikings will try to force him to win out of pocket. He should be able to prove that AJ Brown is a threat and that DeVonta Smith is hungry to get him after he was shut out in the opener. Throw in a couple of explosive Miles Sanders plays and the offense should score some points.

Monday night’s win sets the table for what could be a truly special season.

Eagles 31, Vikings 28

Adam Hermann (1-0)

Is this the year the Vikings finally found out? We’re only in one game but their first-week win over the Packers was convincing. Justin Jefferson is terrifying. Kirk Cousins…good service. And Kevin O’Connell seems to have unleashed an attack that’s always been full of potential. It’s fair to be afraid of the Vikings coming on Monday night.

All said: I think the Eagles win. I expect the offensive line will bounce back after a poor performance – Jason Kelsey and Jeff Stutland have plenty of pride and talent – and give Galen Hurts enough time to see the field against questionable Minnesota. Hopefully, Jonathan Gannon will allow Jordan Davis to do his job, and Hasson Riddick will start doing his job.

Plus home at Link Monday night, in a season with high expectations, at the 38-7 crime scene? Feelings in South Philly will be very strong. If the Eagles win this game, there could be something really special this year.

Eagles 24, Vikings 23

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