Eagles notes: Jalen Hurts shines, defense wakes up, more wins vs Vikings

Can this defense hold up against an elite quarterback? Could he slow down one of the best receivers in the league… not to mention a big dip? Can Galen Hurts win an arm match? Can the Eagles beat a prestigious team?

The Eagles answered a lot of questions on Monday night at Link, and rode a fantastic Hurts night and heart-thumping performance to a 24-7 win over the Vikings to score 2-0.

This is only the fifth time in the past 29 years that the Eagles have gone 2-0 down, and they are one of only six teams in the league 2-0.

Heck win. Here are 10 instant notes!

1. There’s only one place we can start, and that’s the midfielder we kept hearing couldn’t beat a good team. Who couldn’t win matches with his arm. Who wasn’t accurate enough. Well guess what. Take a look at these numbers: 26-for-31, 333 yards, one TD pass, two rushing lanes, 57 rushing yards, intercepting Kenny Gynuel’s hands on his last pass. The first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 330 yards, he completed 84 percent of his passes and rushed in two touchdowns. Ever. You name it, Horts was an elite. Decision making. Accuracy. Huge third place. Not only was this Hurts’ best game ever, but one of the best ever by the Eagles quarterback. If you didn’t believe in Hurts before, you are better now.

2. Shane Steichen has one tendency at play, and we’re seeing him more now than last year because AJ Brown makes this offense even more electrifying. Not only is he a great receiver, but you can see his impact on the entire offense when you see how open Dallas Goedert, DeVonta Smith and Quez Watkins have gotten. This is Steichen’s first full year as the Eagles’ communicator, and he seems to really have a deep understanding of how to deploy his players and who is doing what is good along with a very good sense of how to keep defenses balanced. Mixes in their different backs, remains aggressive and uses all of their people. He has a strong sense of what the opponent’s defenses do well and how to take advantage of their weaknesses. The Eagles have 62 points from two games, sixth in franchise history. We saw everyone play Monday night – Dallas Guedert (5 vs 82), DeVonta Smith [7-for-80]Quiz Watkins [2-for-69]AG Brown [5-for-69] So does Miles Sanders [17-for-80]. This team has guns everywhere, and Steichen knows what to do with them.

3. It didn’t take long to see that this was a different defense than what we saw in Detroit last week. More physical, more intense, more aggressive, more focused. Sanitary pads may have been placed during the week. Perhaps a group of new men felt more comfortable with the scheme. Maybe it was just a matter of pride after watching the movie Lions. Whatever the case, something clicked and the Eagles’ remote defense didn’t look like the one that allowed 35 points on Sunday. It literally looked like a different unit. term shutdown. been dealt with. Covered. Take two passes. I didn’t get any bags but he really started to get some good pressure in the second half. Let’s face it, Jonathan Gannon needed to put this kind of product into the field against a powerful attack, and his collection came up huge.

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4. These two defensive possessions after the Vikings had a great field position — at the 27-yard line after Chris Boyd hit the 27-yard field goal and at the 9-yard line after Jordan Hicks intercepted — were pretty impressive. The first time Keizer White stuffed Dalvin Cook in 1st Down, then Cousins ​​threw a short pass to Cook in second without a shot, then in 3rddown Maddox picked Cousins ​​at 13. A few minutes later, Maddox threw a custom pass to Adam Tellin In the finish zone at 1 down, Slay almost picked Cousins ​​for second down and then picked him up in third. Leading to the 27th and 9th degrees and the Vikings did not score. There’s no way this defense comes off quite like that in those situations against a guy like Cousins ​​last year. or anyone.

5. The Eagles only scored one sack for the second week in a row, but we finally saw a lot of pressure in the second half, and Cousins ​​had no chance. Josh Sweat and Haason Reddick put pressure on the edge, Fletcher Cox was very active with some good pressure and a sack, and Gannon had a good production that sent Maddox and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in lightning attacks. The second half was a defensive masterpiece, and Cousins, who was well before the break, was 10 for 22 for 98 yards, and there were no TDs and three INTs in the second half. This defense doesn’t work without pressure, and it was great to see this front finally tease the midfielder.

6. There will be a lot of focus on Hurts and passing, let’s not lose sight of how much Miles Sanders has to offer for attack at the moment. Sanders wasn’t running more than 12 yards Monday night, but he was 17-for-80 coming off a 13-for-96 performance in Detroit. Sanders is working super hard right now. Do you remember how much we used to dance around him we used to see his first two years? You just don’t see it anymore. He hits the hole and hits it hard. Sanders is the third player in Eagles history to start a season with 80 fast yards and an average of 4.5 in each of his first two games. Wilbert Montgomery did it in 1981 and LeSean McCoy in 2011. Sanders got off to a big start. Running is very difficult.

7. Let’s talk about Slay. What a great performance. Show a national TV audience why he’s one of the best players in the league. He loves this kind of matching. embracing her. live for it. Justin Jefferson came into this game with the second-largest yards in NFL history by a player in his first 35 games, and he was absolutely no play. Jefferson finished only five catches for 43 yards with a long winner at 11 yards, and only had one catch with Slay on him. He killed him by strangling him. Maddox had a few picks too when he lined up in the slot, but mostly this was a match between two of the best NFL players in Slay and Jefferson, and Slay was an absolute beast. He picked up two cousins ​​and should have had two more. Maybe three. Slay is always great, but these were next-level stuff. These were Eric Allen’s things. It was a blast to watch on Monday night.

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8. One of the most encouraging things to come out of those first two games is the way Hurts throws the deep ball. This was followed by 54 yards to AJ Brown in Detroit with a 53-yard TD to Quez Watkins on Monday night. By the end of the first half of Week 2, Hurts had matched the total number of 50-yard completions over the past year and scored the second longest pass from a TD in his career. Hurts has always had a strong enough arm, but as a rookie and last year he tended to throw deep balls. It’s something he’s clearly worked on, and with this offensive line and these receivers, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to take on this kind of big plays. Stretch defenses? Picking up 50 yards at a pop? Forcing defenses to honesty? This crime is really serious. The deep ball — and the threat of the deep ball — would make them both more dangerous.

9. Another one on Hurts: He doesn’t get enough credit for how powerful he is. We all know it’s fast. But he does not hold back and is not shy about calling. In that 26-yard touchdown, I don’t know how many other quarterbacks don’t veer off limits at 15. He was third and second, Hurts had already got his first touchdown, and Jordan Hicks was pressing on. He slowed down at 15…saw lane…and hit the gas again, hit by Camryn Bynum at 5, then hit at 1 by Patrick Peterson. and scored. This is the longest TD dash by the Eagles QB in 20 years—since Donovan McNabb was 40 yards against the Giants at the Vet in 2002. Dude is fearless.

10. Finally, how some props are for Arryn Siposs, not for his – although he was really good Monday night – but for his tackling to save the landing on Boyd. This isn’t a play you’d expect to see from a gambler, but Siposs was the only man to shoot Boyd, who ran a 4.45 at the 2019 Combine. Not only did he catch him, but he did a great job of dragging him down, and the defense and Maddox did the rest.







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