Eagles news: Kirk Cousins’ sunflower test gets closer

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Mailbag: Kirk Cousins ​​and Vikings are a good measuring tool for Eagles – PhillyVoice
Question from Zach: Kirk Cousins ​​is 10-17 at prime times. The Eagles should be pleased to have the multinational force. Do you think that kind of trend is on it or is it just a coincidence with the team and those matches? …I don’t think the prime time record says much. I don’t think he’s playing bad because it’s night time or because he’s a national crowd or something. But I think his 10-43 record against teams that finished the season with a winning record says something about him. Or he might say something about the difference he’s facing. If you beat Kirk Cousins, congratulations, you beat a guy who usually has bad teams. If you lose to him, she might not be that great. Monday night should be a good early gauge of what vultures are.

Is Kirk Cousins ​​Really Better Than Galen Hurts? The real question is value – The Enquirer
Would you rather have cousins ​​have a maximum of $31 million or have a maximum of $2 million? If the answer isn’t clear now, it should be by the end of Monday night. The Cousins ​​may have won two straight games in the regular season against the Eagles, but the last time these two teams faced each other in the playoffs, the Vikings were played as quarterback by Case Keenum. Cousins ​​is the epitome of a midfielder who is good enough to keep you competitive but not good enough to keep you on top. Mischief may be in the same class. Right now, though, it’s $30 million cheaper. We’ll see how that manifests itself on Monday night.

Eagles-Vikings Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Week 2 Enemy – BGN
The biggest weakness of the Vikings right now is definitely the running defense. Lost in the excitement of victory on Sunday was the fact that the Packers were completely ripping Minnesota in the running game to 6.2 yards/carry, and Green Bay’s only touchdown drive of the day saw a heavy dose of sprinting game carry them to the finish zone. The Vikings have brought in a lot of players to try and shore up what has been a terrible defense over the past few seasons at Harrison Phillips and Jordan Hicks (among others), but in the first week certainly not much has changed. With the Eagles’ success running the ball against Detroit, I totally expected them to line up and run the ball until the Vikings show they can at least slow it down.

Above the Nest with Rachelle #58: Gabe Henderson joins in preview of Eagles-Vikings Week 2 – BGN Radio
Joined by Rachelle Privette by On-Air Talent for Minnesota Vikings, Gabe Henderson. The two discuss the weaknesses of the Vikings, Justin Jefferson and how the impulsive Vikings defense will try to stop Jalen Hurts.

How the NFL Draft Resolution on Galen Rigor and Justin Jefferson put the Vikings and Eagles into different tournaments – ESPN
Meanwhile, the Vikings continue to enjoy the financial benefits of seeking out Jefferson when they did. His junior contract is not eligible for an extension even beyond this season, allowing them to fit Thielen’s $14.3 million salary comfortably under their salary cap. In fact, the Vikings will pay $20.6 million for the entire receiver difference in 2022, less than the Eagles paid Brown alone ($24.5 million). One draft resolution set two franchises on very different paths toward the same outcome. The Vikings and the Eagles can boast a powerful array of passersby that will help them compete in the NFC. The Eagles’ path was more difficult and expensive, the result of a single mistake that helped shape the next two displacement seasons—and counting.

In Rob’s Notes: The Biggest Concern About Defense – NBCSP
5. The Eagles need to get Quiz Watkins in a penalty shoot-out and let Britannia Kofi handle it as well as gambling back. Watkins is faster than Kofi, but doesn’t seem to be really comfortable returning kicks, and we saw that in the opening match. It is not his strength. Kofi will make the right decision every time and maximize the potential of each game. Which is very fast. Quez isn’t fast, but he ran 4.43 on Pro Day in Utah. Kofi didn’t return many kicks in college – only 33. But in his last two years he averaged 29.6 yards per return with a TD, the sixth highest in the BCS during that time. He’s poised, confident, instinctive, and has a bit of bragging rights there. No doubt he can handle both.

Eagles Cheerleaders take the game to new heights – PE.com
In June, the Philadelphia Eagles became the first NFL team to gain marketing rights in Africa through the NFL’s International Home Marketing Districts Initiative. To celebrate this, the Eagles sent a delegation that included fans Gabriella Brin and Taylor Everett to take part in NFL Africa: The Touchdown, a week-long celebration marking the first official NFL events to be held in Africa. As part of the NFL’s strategic plan to find talented players around the world, these events included a talent boot camp, fan event, and soccer clinic. With more NFL players coming across the international track, including over 100 of African descent, this program is a step in the right direction in finding easier paths for these international players to find their way into the league.

What are the odds? Washington opens its doors as a list of the underdogs in the Philadelphia Eagles – Hughes Haven
The Washington Commanders opened the 2022-23 season with a home win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They lost their first away game to the Detroit Lions yesterday. Washington opened up as underdogs down the road, but the streak slowly moved on to being slightly favored by kickoff time. This week they host the Philadelphia Eagles, and they’re already underdogs. The Eagles beat the Detroit Lions 38-35 in Week 1 and have a home game against Kirk Cousins ​​and the Minnesota Vikings tonight. If they win, expect that streak to move further in their direction as the heavy money is expected to go their way. Philly also travels well to FedEx Field, so expect green heavyweights in the stands.

10 Thoughts On The Cowboys 20-17 Beat The Bengals – Blogging Boys
9. Another Cooper Return. The coaching staff of the quarterback believes in the reserve even if some fans don’t. Last season, Rush had an upcoming win over the Minnesota Vikings. He followed that up with an afternoon performance against the Bengals on Sunday as he went 3/3 for 30 yards in the final drive to determine the game-winning field goal. Rush finished the game only 19/31 for 235 yards, with one touchdown and no picks. It wasn’t always nice to back up veteran, but Rush came when it counted.

‘Things I Think’ for Giants – Panthers: Giants give something to cheer them up – Big Blue View
Ahead of Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the New York Giants – most notably defensive coordinator Wink Martindale – appealed to the Giants’ fans to bring energy to MetLife Stadium on Sunday. The Giants’ fans waving towels did not disappoint as the Giants opened a rare three-game home game by beating the Panthers, 19-16, to reach 2-0 for the first time in six years. The stadium wasn’t full and there was an undercurrent of unhappiness in the third quarter as the attack struggled and the Giants were late, but for the most part this was a spirited and sparking crowd that urged the Giants to give them something to believe in next. Five straight double-digit losing seasons and one playoff berth since 2011. There was tangible energy all day. When Julian Love sacked Baker Mayfield to force Carolina into the 2:06 mark and the Giants held onto the lead, the field shook as if it hadn’t been for long. “When that third sack happened, it was crazy. The fans were crazy,” said Justin Ellis, the first-year giant. “And I was like, ‘This is New York, you know?’ So at the end of the game, when we knew it was over, I hugged Coach Wink and said, Oh man, did you see that? And we talked about it. It was so much fun.”

2022 NFL season, Week 2: What we learned from Sunday’s games – NFL.com
Brian Dabol’s giants… are they hilarious? The New York system has breathed new life into the organization, and even if the team’s level of talent isn’t yet where the club would like it to be, the Giants are certainly playing with passion. New York forced two independencies, including confusion in the opening game, and caused a lot of problems for Mayfield and the Panthers with a combination of creative blitzkrieg and timely play on the ball throughout the afternoon. The Carolinas were clearly frustrated by the Giants by the end of the match, and Matt Roll’s decision to interview ended up outside the two-minute warning as a small sign of giving up, even if the logic makes sense for the time being. The reason, of course: The Giants refused to return the ball, punctuating a difficult win by ending the match on a strong note. These giants may look different a year from now, but they’re already playing as they think – and New York seems ready to embrace them.

Jacksonville Jaguars dominate the Indianapolis Colts in a 24-0 closeout win – Big Cat Country
The victory over the Colts also marked the first victory for Doug Pederson in his tenure as head coach of Jaguar.

NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers – The Ringer
Loser: Indianapolis Colts, owned by Jacksonville. If you’re a fan of Indianapolis Colts, you don’t believe in the classic version of Hell, the one with fire, sulfur, the horned, pointy-tailed devil and pitchfork. Your hell is more real, maybe even scarier: It’s Jacksonville, Florida, home to the always pathetic TIAA Bank Field and Jacksonville Jaguars, a franchise that has a strange connection to hell. The Colts lost eight games in a row in Jacksonville. eight. eight! Since the Colts last beat Jaguar in Jacksonville, on September 21, 2014, Jaguars have been a dismal 37-91, with only one winning season; 21.6 percent of their total wins in that time frame are against the Colts in Jacksonville. Last year, Indianapolis only needed a win in Jacksonville to make the playoffs – and they lost, 26-11, ending their season.

Tom Brady looked miserable before, during and after his victory over Saints – SB Nation
The video appeared early Sunday morning. It showed veteran quarterback Tom Brady making his way into the visitors’ locker room in the depths of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Brady was preparing to start the NFL again, carrying a camouflage-print bag and plugged in with headphones. He looked miserable.

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