DRaysBay Summary – Rays stop again – Tampa Bay Rays: 0, Houston Astros: 4

The Rays have been suspended for the first time since May last night, so let’s see if they can improve on that in Match 2 of a potential playoff.

first half

Shane McClanahan had some trouble, as Jose Altoff and Jeremy Pena opened the half with back-to-back singles. Alex Bregman flew to take Altuve to third base, and doubled Kyle Tucker to score the first round of the Astros.

Rays managed to break out of the inning as Isaac Parades faced streak drive Aledmys Diaz and doubled Pena at third base to end the Astro threat.

Wander Franco worked Christian Javier’s walk, and Harold Ramirez and David Peralta sent two balls to the field, but they couldn’t do much.

third round

Shane worked a clean second run, but had trouble in the third, with Martin Maldonado walking and Jose Altov’s song to put the runners first and second with no one out.

Next, Jeremy Pena took a hanging 2-1 curve ball that didn’t have a regular Sugar Shin break, and hit it for 3 rounds.

4-0 Astros. Shane’s only fault in this inning, as the next three Astro bats sat, but the damage was done.

Fourth round

Wonder Franco worked his second career out of the game to open the fourth inning, but was promptly wiped out when David Peralta lined up for Jose Altuve, and Wonder doubled for the top spot.

Kind of a subject so far, Rays’ offense has been nothing short of disappointing. Some good AB styles, some walks, but in general it just isn’t the abuse we’re used to seeing. Oh and the rays don’t have a hit yet.

5th round

We weren’t expecting Shin to be in full force, but at least he looked promising since his return. It wasn’t really like today, he stuck a curve ball earlier, and he didn’t have any competitive pitches. Things also seemed to get worse when Shane walked in with Jose Altuve, then went 3-0 on Jeremy Peña and started shaking his arm and rotating his shoulder. He will be knocked out of the game in favor of Sean Armstrong.

Shawn got a sack fly, and the IBB issued one to Kyle tucker, but was knocked out of the turn with only one round of damage. It could be a lot worse facing the heart of the Astros lineup.

5-0 Astros.

Rise’s first hit came at the bottom of the fifth inning from Christian Bethancourt. Isaac Paradis worked out for a walk to put two runners with two rays, and Jonathan Aranada up the plate, but flew into a sloppy area to finish the ‘march’ of Rays.

Sixth round

Wander Franco had a double with two wins at the bottom of the sixth game but nothing came of it.

We got an update for Shane McClanahan:

The good news is that the injury was not related to any previous shoulder injuries.

Sean Armstrong, GT Chargua, Jaffe Guerra, and Colin Butch pulled off the back half of the game, preventing the Houston Astros from scoring any more goals.

In total, they went: 5.0 IP, 3H, 0R, 1 BB, 3Ks.

The ray attack at the bottom of the ninth finally showed some life. Wonder Franco opened the half alone.

After David Peralta’s attack, Manuel Margo and Francisco Mejia walked to load the bases with only one exit. This forced Astros manager Dusty Becker to round up Ryan Presley, who hit Ji-Man Choi (in some questionable strike calls) and forced Christian Bethancourt to line up to end Reese’s only threat to the game.

Rays are turned off in sequential games for the first time since May 2017.

Really weird game where the Astros scored in 8 strokes, but only an xBA of 0.222. Meanwhile, Rays has 3 hits on 0.113 xBA. Shane McClanahan had 8 puffs, which is fine, but 0 on the curved ball.

Reyes will try to avoid a sweep tomorrow with Cory Klopper facing Lance McCullers Jr. Match time 6:40 pm.