Detroit Lions Stock Report Week 2 vs Leaders: Who goes up, goes down

If the old stock market adage “buy low, sell high” applies to Detroit LionsThen I hope you bought the stocks while they were low last week. The Lions came out shooting all cylinders against the Washington leaders in Week 2 and stayed on the gas to keep it away on the streak. As a result, stocks will go to the moon this week.

Storage: D’Andre Swift, RB

Despite what was arguably the best performance of Swift’s career in the first week, he needed as much stock as anyone this week to prove it was the new standard and not a fluke. He proved he did, starting with the 50-yard dash in the first quarter.

This range would account for 50 of Swift’s 56 yards per day, but that doesn’t mean it was unproductive otherwise. Despite the temporary offensive line paving the way in the running game, Swift has found ways to make play happen:

Swift really picked up where he left off in the first week and finally looks like he ran back the lions thought they drafted.

Storage: Dan Skipper, J

Swift’s 50-yard sprint doesn’t happen without stellar blocking from the inside attacking line of Dan Skipper, Evan Brown and Logan Stenberg. All three fill out the starting, but Skipper’s performance has to be the most impressive. Skipper hasn’t played a guard since the start of the 2018 season, and before that, you have to go back to his freshman year of college (2013). He didn’t have the build for it, standing at 6ft 9ft, but none of that seemed to matter on Sunday. Skipper popped up to guard late in the week when Jonah Jackson fell through with an injury and never looked back.

It’s a warm storyBut it certainly doesn’t end here. It’s good news for the Lions, who are already playing lineman carousel in Week 2, to see that they have Skipper assets through the rest of the season.

Stock: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE

When you are selected second overall, you are expected to put in numbers. The fans in this league don’t have much patience—Just ask Russell Wilson. Hutchinson didn’t do poorly in the first week by any means, but he couldn’t make it home due to the pressures of the quarterback. But this week, Hatch looked like a man on a mission.

Hutchinson finished the day with six tackles and three sacks, the latter coming in the first half. This puts him in the favour of Lions fans, but also in good company on a date:

Stock Down: TJ Hockenson, TE

It’s been a rough start to the year for the tight end seeking a payday. He and Jared Goff seem out of sync, and in a year in which Lions surround Hollow with receiving arms, Hawkinson quickly drops to the bottom of the totem pole.

Hockinson would have finished Sunday’s game with three 26-yard catches on seven goals, and Hwkinson dropped at least two incomplete points. Hockenson struggles to break out and is notoriously bad at getting yards after hunting, so if he’s going to offer any value, he’ll be caught in the narrow windows. He doesn’t do that now, and for the guy who doesn’t turn any head with his block, it leaves a big question mark about what he’s offering on the mid-level narrow end. At least he makes Brad Holmes’ decision at the end of the season easy.

Stock up on: Amon-Ra St. Brown, W.R./RB/???

St. Brown might play Deebo Samuel in the Lions attack better than Deebo he played himself this year. St. Brown was an unstoppable force on Sunday, standing by one point in the league’s top five in both rushing and receiving for the week.

It was great to see that distributing the ball didn’t stop the Lions from feeding their best player (Looking at you, Arthur Smith). If you stop Amon-Ra in a passing game, they will line him up in the backcourt. If you stop him in the back field, they will run him over the edges. There is nothing stopping Amon-Ra St. Brown from getting the ball in his hands and getting yards.

Storage: Ben Johnson, OC

Speaking of the ingenuity of feeding Amon-Ra St. Brown, let’s give the big credit to offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. Johnson honestly might have the best attacking in the league right now.

The Lions put 35 and 36 points in the past two weeks, respectively, against respectable defenses and with Jared Goff at the helm. I’m not saying the Lions quarterback is terrible, but he missed a number of throws in the remaining two weeks. even more points on the board. It’s hard not to drool over the thought of a more powerful quarterback driving Ben Johnson’s offense.

The job of the offensive coordinator at the end of the day is to build an attack that puts points, and to do so by getting the ball into the hands of your best players. Johnson excels at those in two weeks, and he’s tapping every potential ounce of the offense.

quick beats


Austin Seibert, K.: Seibert saw his first regular season activity with two field goals. Always good to see her.

Evan Brown, C: Brown has kept himself in the running and we didn’t notice him in pass protection, which is usually a good thing. Campbell He made Brown famous for his performance after the match.

Bobby Price, Q: Price was forced to step in not just as a cornerstone, but as a CB2 against the Washington offense that has (at least) two very Talented receptionists in Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson. Having this positional navigation is very valuable.

Jeff Okuda, CB: Okudah plays like the third overall pick, dropping just one catch in the first week and following it up with a solid performance on Sunday.


Logan Stenberg, J.: The hope was that a week to react to the first-team attack would solve some of Stenberg’s passing struggle, but there were still a number of scratch plays on Sunday. They are not even errors due to physical limitations; They are mistakes a third-year player should not make.

Jeff Okuda, CB: Okudah cannot be mentioned without mentioning the fact that it has packed for two consecutive weeks. This is not really his fault. He hasn’t had the time off and all the bootcamp to get “the game shape” and that will take some time to adjust to, but if he keeps leaving the game late, it could become a problem in the long run. Bobby Price and Will Harris came in admirably, but I couldn’t hold my breath on them every week in the fourth quarter.