Detroit Baltimore Series preview: Tigers head to tangle with Orioles

The regular season is about to end Detroit Tigers As the summer of misery slowly draws to a close. Motor City Kitties are just nine short of their first 100 losses since 2019, a brutal campaign that saw the team lose 114 games. With only 16 more games left, the Tigers need to play 0.5 ball or better the rest of the way to prevent reaching the century mark.

Although this seems highly unlikely, they play games for a reason where anything in baseball can happen. Remember that in 2003, when Detroit lost 119 games, the team managed to win five of its last six games to prevent a tie or break. New York MetsRecord sterility at all times. What I’m saying here is…that there is a chance to avoid shame.

The next three games won’t be easy for Olde English D as he heads to Baltimore to take on the junior Orioles, who are currently sitting out wild card slots after four games – a better game than Chicago White Sox. Take a look below at the ad serving matches for each individual game.

Detroit Tigers (55-91) in Baltimore Orioles (76-69)

times/place: 7:05 PM, Camden Yards
SB Nation website: Camden Chat
The media: Bally Sports DetroitAnd the MLB.TVAnd the tiger radio network
Matching setup:

Game 147 pitching match

player IP K% BB% FIP the war
player IP K% BB% FIP the war
Alexander 77.1 12.3 5.1 5.10 -0.2
Wells 100.2 17.9 6.1 4.53 1.0

1 . game: LHP Tyler Alexander (3-10, 5.35 ERA) vs. RHP Tyler Wells (7-6, 3.93 PM)

Tyler Wells takes the hill Monday for the O’s as he finished his second season in the majors in Baltimore. Fifteenth choice in 2016 MLB . Project From California he put up serviceable numbers for his team, and while his FIP is higher compared to his ERA, he also has a rank 1.10 WHIP.

The 28-year-old has faced the Tigers once this season on May 15 in Detroit, surrendering three runs in eight strokes — including a home run — while never walking and hitting two of more than four frames to seal the loss. Harold Castro and Miguel Cabrera were heavy hitters of the day, with the former going 3-for-4 with a treble and the last 2-for-3 with a Danger and a Kiss fly.

Game 148 share the match

player IP K% BB% FIP the war
player IP K% BB% FIP the war
Wentz 17.1 21.4 5.7 2.99 0.4
Voth 86.2 20.5 7.6 4.00 1.0

2 . game: LHP Joy Wentz (1-2, 4.15 ERA) vs. RHP Austin Voth (5-2, 4.36 ERA)

Austin Voth earned a nod for Game 2 on Tuesday in his first season with the Orioles after breaking into the league with Washington citizenswith whom he spent the first four years of his life. However, the Nats put him on waivers on June 7 and the birds swooped in to snatch them. Since then, the 30-year-old veteran has put in some solid stats, including 2.78 ERA, 3.74 FIP and 1.22 WHIP with his new club.

The right-handed has faced the Tigers only once in his career in 2019. Voth started that game in Detroit, eventually making no decision in losing the team after throwing 4 13 Triple ball tires run six hits and walk two hits while hitting three. Funny enough, Meiji and Harold were also among the top performers at it, with the former going 3 vs 5 with three RBIs while the latter made a 2 vs 4 effort with two runs scored.

Game 149 pitch match

player IP K% BB% FIP the war
player IP K% BB% FIP the war
manning 57.2 18.6 5.9 3.49 1.2
Lyles 161.0 18.2 7.1 4.44 1.4

2 . game: RHP Matt Manning (2-2, 3.28 ERA) vs. RHP Jordan Lyles (10-11, 4.70 PM)

Jordan Lyles will take on the best of the Tigers on Wednesday night as the grizzly veteran continues his rant. At the conclusion of his twelfth season in the Big League, the 31-year-old has managed to keep the ship steady in Baltimore after turbulent seasons with Texas Rangers in 2020 and 2021. The former first-round draft pick, perfect for in-rotation dining, has allowed more hits than any other pitcher this summer (as of press time) but also put the work to his team.

The right-hander has faced the Tigers once before this season again on May 13, when he succumbed to four runs with six hits (including running at home) and three walks while hitting a six-on-5 23 roles to bear the loss. Cabrera was again a standout performer, going 2v4 with a home run and two RBIs along with a 2v3 effort for beginner Spencer Torkelson.

Expectations Series: Tigers Play for Pride

If this summer is not so bleak, one can feel excited about the upcoming matches in this series. Although brief, the Tigers had some success against shooters who took the hill for the O’s, but there’s a key ingredient in all three recipes: Miguel Cabrera.

The future Hall of Famer is expected to come off the injured list before Monday’s game, but this broken version of Miggy is a shadow of the player who briefly turned back the clock in the first two months before discovering the father. Backup with him. Castro and Torkelson showed some hope as well, but it looks like this was a different team in May.

Regardless, Detroit has to take at least one if not two of those to move forward to prevent the shame of a 100-loss season. However, these Orioles were on the move and fighting for their intervening lives while the Tigers simply played for pride. It will be known who wins in the next few days.