Deadline for circulation of x-rays: 1 month retrospective

We were left just over a month short of the very active trading deadline in which some of the game’s best players were dealt with some of the biggest potential withdrawals in trading history.

However, the Rays weren’t part of any of those huge deals. Instead, they’ve done things Rays’ way, acquiring lesser-known players, dealing from depth zones, and quietly improving the squad.

Since the August 2 trading deadline, the Rays have been linked with the Seattle Mariners for a second-best record in the MLS as their acquisitions served as the catalyst for the team’s latest rush.

Jose Seri, David Peralta

The Rays was much active in the conversations leading up to the deadline, mentioned in connection with some of the notable names available such as Wilson Contreras and Juan Soto.

However, when all was said and done, Rays came out with a pair of outside players who didn’t get much, if any, media attention.

First, the Rays acquired David Peralta from the Arizona Diamondbacks of minor league champion, Christian Cerda.

Peralta is in the final year of his contract with Arizona, having spent the previous nine seasons of his senior league career as a member of the Diamondbacks. The Rays were looking to him to add some much-needed pop to the lineup as he hit .248/.316/460 with a 12 HR at the time of the deal.

But baseball is going to baseball.

Peralta has been excellent for the Rays offensively and has scored higher for WRC+ with Tampa Bay than Arizona (116 to 110), however, he’s still not in the homerun contest yet; though (it was stolen from a homerun during a match with Milwaukee).

Overall since joining Tampa Bay, Peralta has made .284/.340/.400 over 103 board appearances.

The other player the Rays picked up was fiery Thunderbolt Jose Seri, who was a formidable in all aspects of an elite defender. Super speed on the core tracks, and a surprising trigger on the board.

Siri was chosen in a deal that sent two promotions to the Houston Astros and adding him to the roster meant bringing up Brett Phillips. Although Phillips’ loss was demoralizing, Siri was a boon to the team’s performance. Overall since the trade, Siri hit .263/.314/.400 with 2 HR, clocking in at 110 wRC+ to go with 5 bases stolen in 31 games.

In the weeks leading up to the deadline, Peter Bendix and the rest of the Rays front desk were very active in trying to compile a roster of 26 players battered by injuries, missing their starting player, Musk and shortstop.

To fill in the gaps, the Rays signed free midfielder Roman Quinn, pick-up Yu Chang from the waiver wire, and Christian Bethancourt in a deal.

The three players were perfect for Rays.

Although Quinn is currently on the injured list, he provided a spark for Rays while on the active roster, scoring 120 wRC+ over 47 board appearances. Meanwhile, Zhang played all over the field and was a solid substitute while the injured Reese worked his way back.

Bethancourt was a great defender behind the board and provided some much needed power to attack, packing 6 HR and having 0.436% SLG which is among the highest on the list.

The Rays’ trade deadline activity may not have resulted in any baseball news bulletins, but the acquisitions were key to keeping this injured team in the winning column.