Dan Campbell provides an update on injuries to Aidan Hutchinson, Frank Ragno and John Kominsky.

It’s no secret that Detroit Lions Banged. They were hit hard by the injury last week, but they managed to come out with a 36-27 victory over the Washington Leaders, despite being initially ahead.

After the game on Sunday, and at his Monday morning press conference, coach Dan Campbell provided some brief updates on the many injured Lions players. Let’s take a look at what Campbell said.

Aidan Hutchinson (Charlie Horse)


“The cage should be fine. He only had a little Charlie’s horse. He would be fluffy, but he should be fine.”

Hutchinson was noticeably limping during the second half of the last game, However he was still able to manage 60 defensive shots, good for 81 percent of those available. After the match, Hutchinson twice refused to consider the injury a “football component” and didn’t seem concerned about any long-term impact.

Frank Ragno (thigh/foot)

On Sunday:

We are not concerned. We feel that the thing will heal. We just need to give her a little time.”

Monday follow up:

“Frank is feeling a little better today, we’ll see where that is.”

Ragnow was able to play through a thigh injury in Week 1, but when a foot injury was added into the mix, it proved to be very difficult to play. It’s an encouraging sign that Ragnow hasn’t been placed in casualty reserve – which means he’ll have to be out for at least four weeks – but “a little time” doesn’t really set a timetable.

We’ll learn more about Ragnow’s injury on Wednesday when the official injury report is released, but if Ragnow is unable to play, the Lions will once again turn to Evan Brown as a replacement. He played very well, especially when he played the pass-keeper in the last game.

It should also be noted that Campbell confirmed that the injury was to the same foot that caused him to miss 13 games last season, but he did not indicate whether it was the same. infection.

Jonah Jackson (finger)


Perhaps Jonah is relatively the same as it was two days ago. So it’s kind of a daily business now.”

Can Jonah play with a finger injury?

“He’s honestly just take it as it is. We’d like to see where he is on Wednesday maybe. See how you feel. See if he feels like it’s something he can work with. So we won’t really even know — it’s going to be something he feels he can handle and have success.”

Finger injuries seem minor, but can be very difficult to play with, especially for an offensive lineman who spends all of the game moving a 300lb + defensive line around him. ‘Day by day’ is encouraging – Taylor Decker missed half of 2021 with a finger injury – but that also feels like a wait-and-see situation.

While losing the Pro Bowler to the Left Guard is bad news, it gave Dan Skipper the opportunity to get into the squad and write his own unique story –One of the best days of the week. If Jackson is unable to play, Lions can get Skipper again.

Amani Aurora (reverse)


“Amani is feeling better today. We will see where this is.”

Oruwariye had trouble stretching his back on Thursday and was pulled from training. He missed the next training and match due to a common back injury. So far, three airline workers — Halapoulivaati Vaitai, Tommy Kraemer and Levi Onwuzurike — have been placed in reserve with back injuries, so while the phrase “best of the day” is positive, it’s also okay to be skeptical.

Will Harris instead of Oruwariye started the last match and used his physical abilities to make an impact from high school. It would be the natural alternative if Oruwariye remained on the sidelines.

John “Komish” Kominsky (hand)


“Komish, he has an injury to his hand. So he is being examined now as we speak.”

Kominsky was injured facing Washington and was seen leaving the locker room with a coach to get x-rays. When they returned, the coach left him some instructions, and then left with Kominsky. It has not been made available to reporters, likely due to infection uncertainty, a common practice.

Kominsky has been a huge part of what the Lions have been doing in defense lately, and if he’s not able to play next week, Austin Bryant will likely have a replacement in the squad.

Charles Harris (unknown)


“Charles, we’ll see. He feels fine today.”

Harris’ injury is unknown. he is Played in 70 percent of defensive shots against the leaders and made a big impact early on with a bag of tape that led to safety. The injury was never officially announced during the match, and Campbell did not provide any details on Monday, but his tone wasn’t entirely promising.