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Ranking the biggest surprises of the 2022 season for all 32 teams | ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs

Early surprise: Running defense was better

Verdict: True. The Chiefs allow 3.9 yards per lunge attempt, that’s after allowing nearly more yard per carry last season. But Nick Bolton and Willie Jay are giving the Chiefs better full-time linebackers than they’ve been getting in years. They are also faster as a whole unit, allowing them to chase plays that might have been out of their range before. – Adam Teacher

The Ringer’s QB Ratings | ringer

1 – Patrick Mahomes


There are no restrictions in the Mahomes game. Any criticism of him – which has anything to do with his work outside the Temple – can be refuted with one simple question: “Then what happens?” Usually, that’s a good thing.

It’s hard to rate Mahomes using the rules we apply to other players in the NFL because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. He doesn’t just read in defense; feel it. He is not bound by the mechanical constraints imposed by most midfielders. Mahomes breaks all the rules because he can and the defense is powerless to stop him. Plus, it’s not as though the Mahomes need to improvise to deliver big numbers. He’s good at all things “boring” too. He anticipates openings, sees through progress, and is rarely fooled by defense. Sure, his accuracy might be a little more consistent, and there’s plenty of room for improvement in the pre-snap, but that’s in comparison to the league’s elite class of passers-by. Calling them “weaknesses” would be unfair.

NFL QB Index, Week 3: Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa Rise to Top Ten |

2 – Patrick Mahomes

Mayors of Kansas City Year 6

2022 stats: 2 games | 73 percent | 595 yards | 8 ypa | 7 pass TD | 0 intelligence | 4 yard rush | 0 TD Rush | 1 touch

Mahomes’ top and bottom version is still 99.99 percent more accurate than what Earth has to offer. It’s 22-3 against West Asia, making it chargers His last victim though is three plays worthy of a turn. Ashanti Samuel Jr. appeared to be beating the Chiefs quarterback in a potential game-changing snatch that was upended by officials. Nasir Adderley’s interception was intercepted with an illegal call penalty. The Mahomes have turned all of those lucky tics into landing drives. His quick goal scoring goal for Justin Watson feels meat and potato for Mahomes as he emerges as the starting point for the next man of the season. His fielding awareness, firearms spell, and unwavering demeanor paint the picture of a quarterback at peace with his day job.

Briscoe NFL Week Three: Patriots slam through Ravens, Aaron Rodgers takes revenge on Tom Brady, the Pirates | CBS Sports

Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) in Indianapolis Colts

The ponies are in shambles now. They have a lot of injuries, but the offensive line is a big concern. The chiefs have amassed impressive numbers on the offensive, and they will do so here. Look for another good game from Patrick Mahomes where the Colts remain winless.

picking Bosses 30, Colts 17

Trey Smith is the newest member of the Chiefs to join the KC Pioneers | wire heads

The Kansas City Pioneers have added another Kansas City Presidents member to the list of Ambassadors and Influencers. Trey Smith officially announced Tuesday via a video on his Twitter account that he will be joining the Pioneers esports organisation.

“What’s the matter, my name is Trey Smith, the offensive guard of the Kansas City Chiefs,” Smith began. “I am proud to be a new member of the KC Pioneers. I am excited to partner with the pioneers of KC. If you know me, gaming is a huge part of me. I just want to bring more exposure to esports and gaming in my city.”

Smith isn’t kidding about video games being a huge part of his identity. At one of his first press conferences with the media in Kansas City in May 2021, Smith told reporters that he hadn’t even seen 2021 NFL Draft. He was on his computer playing Rocket League the whole time.

PFF impressed with Chris Jones in Week 2

About the NFL

2022 NFL season: Reasons for hope for all seven teams that didn’t win enter Week 3 |

Indianapolis Colts

Reason for hope: They started 1-4 last season and still had to make the playoffs.

Just under a year ago, the Colts had to answer big questions about the state of the franchise after a 0-3 start (including the 0-2 mark at home), with the defense mostly to blame.

The reasons for the 0-1-1 start may be a little different this year, but they’re just as frustrating. It’s hard to dispense with the team that picked the draft first this year (with five sacks and three interceptions) and maintains a rosy attitude.

However, even with two painful overtime losses to the Ravens and Titans later last season, the Colts found themselves at 9-6 on Christmas Day, with an attached berth there. No, we can’t justify how they finished last season, which looked eerily similar to how they started this season. But it is also clear that we cannot write this off.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans is out against the Green Bay Packers in Week 3 after refusing to appeal a one-game suspension | ESPN

The NFL announced Wednesday that the wide-ranging Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a one-game no-pay suspension from Mike Evans has been endorsed by appellate officer James Thrash.

Evans will miss Sunday’s Buccaneers home opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Evans’ per-game suspension will cost him $62,222. His base salary is $1.12 million after he restructured his contract over the holiday season.

The wide receiver was suspended on Monday for his role in Sunday’s altercation with New Orleans Saints Cornback Marchon Latimore. The suspension appealed and a hearing was held before Thrash, who is jointly appointed by both the NFL and the NFL Players Association, on Tuesday.

Patriots, Raiders turn ranks: New England sends offensive tackle Justin Heron to Vegas, says report | CBS Sports

Raiders: b-

As for the Raiders, they receive an evolutionary treatment that the coaching staff and front office are familiar with thanks to their New England connections. Not only is McDaniels now in Las Vegas, he also brought along offensive line coach Carmen Brisillo. Bricillo held the same title during his final season with the Bill Belichick crew and worked with Herron throughout his career. So, they know exactly what kind of player they are going to have in this trade, while not losing much in terms of venture capital because third day late picks are pretty much a darts anyway.

Herron also has two more years left on his contract with the apprentice, so they’ll be able to take him with him for a long time.

Justin Herbert QB Day In Day ‘Feels More Comfortable,’ Says Brandon Staley, Los Angeles Chargers Coach | ESPN

“He’s had a lot of rest since the last game,” Staley said. “He feels more comfortable. I know he was able to do some light throws yesterday, some periodic work, but we will take it day in and day out and see his comfort level.”

Herbert didn’t catch any assists during the short portion of open practice for reporters on Wednesday. Watch the sophomore quarterback while reserve quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Easton Stick took throwing rep.

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Market Drivers Heads To Week Three


Orlando Brown Jr.: Kansas City’s left-handed tackle into training camp came late – and this season will end basically where it started: with a franchise tag and long-term contract negotiations looming. So he needs the kind of season that forces the boss (or another team) to pay him what he thinks he deserves. The season opener wasn’t a huge test – but week two against the likes of Khalil Mack and Joey Bossa in prime time? This is the kind of game that players can get Pay. Brown responded well, only allowing two presses, hitting one quarterback and no sacks against Los Angeles Chargers. In fact, during two games, no suitcase was allowed. Meanwhile, all Kansas City debutants are finding some measure of success behind Brown and his teammates. Against the Colts, they will face two other big-name passing forwards (Yannik Njakwe and DeForest Buckner), but neither is likely to threaten Brown’s strong start. Although his PFF scores haven’t caught up with him, a solid performance on Sunday should leave us feeling good about where Brown is headed.

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