Chiefs HC Andy Reed praises the PFF – but says stats are only part of his decisions

Recently, there have been a lot of conversations between Kansas City Chiefs About score information from the sometimes controversial football analytics website Focus on professional football.

Latest eye-catching PFF The next number came Defeat Kansas City 44-21 subordinate Arizona Cardinals In the first week. After quarterback Patrick Mahomes completed 30 of 39 passes for 360 yards, five touchdowns and the ball was not intercepted, PFF rated it With the eighth highest quarterback score in the first week.

This led to a remark made by Mahomes afterwards Thursday night victory 27-24 Over the Los Angeles Chargers, When the quarterback was talking about a pass in the third quarter it appeared to have been intercepted for the first time by LA cornerback Ashanti Samuel Jr. – but based on the review, it was judged to be an incomplete pass.

Mahomes remarked: “I don’t just throw men straight most of the time, and so on [I] I was so lucky that she bounced off, hit the floor and was able to get another shot at her.”

But then Mahomes’ eyes flashed.

“I am sure PFF He joked while the reporters laughed.

It is not exactly news that Mahomes Notices When his play appears to have been unfairly criticized — as coach Andy Reed noted during Monday’s Zoom briefing with the Kansas City Press.

“It goes with everything,” Reed said of the quarterback. “He’s very attentive to things.”

But Red stopped short of criticizing Mahomes or Mahomes PFF.

Focus on professional football He did a good job with their stats and analysis,” Reed stated. “I think they’re pretty accurate with things. This is useful information – and if it leads you, it leads you. But it’s also very real.”

Then Reed explained that while the team is paying attention to what PFF He says, they mitigate that with information from their statistical analysis coordinator Mike Frazier.

“Mike Frazier handles all of that, so he can tell you what’s right and wrong — and he puts the information out there as well. We use it,” Reed said.

As he has often done in the past, Reed praised Frazier’s awareness of statistics regarding the team and its opponents.

“He can give you almost anything you need statistically, [along with the] The success rate in certain areas in whatever position you are talking about. It can be as simple as the things the team does in 1st and 10th, their success rate [between] Being [and] pass [or] What employee groups are the best. Give us a little book, there – things we can look at.”

But whether it’s always Red or not Actions As far as the information Frazier provides him with, that’s another question. The most recent example came in the first play of the fourth quarter Thursday night, when the Chiefs chose to kick a field goal four and one on the Los Angeles 1-yard line. In the last 10 seasons, the NFL teams that chose it Go for it In this case they scored down 51% of the time.

Reed admitted that Fraser was on the headset during the match — a safe bet that at that moment on Thursday night, Frazier gave this information to Reid. But as he did before, Reed said that in such circumstances, he also relies on his own intuition.

He said, “This is where I came from.” “I got 51% of that vote and I have to make a decision about how I feel like things are going at the time — the ‘what if’ and all that. But I would tell you statistically, that’s when you usually go — and you don’t end up kicking it” .