Chicago Bears vs. Houston Texans: Week 3 Prediction

The Chicago Bears He survived the challenge in his first two matches at 1-1. It didn’t happen to anyone. So there is a chance for them to gain in NFC. The game starts against the Houston Texans on Sunday. While their opponent is not winning, both matches were close. They tied with the Indianapolis Colts and lost by a touchdown to Denver. So it is not wise to assume that bears can win this easily.

However, it is a game they have a favorable chance of quitting. It has to do with how they respond to the ugly wake-up call in Green Bay. Early signs indicate team frustration and eagerness to get back to work. This indicates that they will be ready to go on Sunday. This might not be the hack everyone wants, but there aren’t any extra style points. The one thing everyone cares about is winning.

The Chicago Bears have an interesting challenge against Houston

Dramatic background:

National Broadcasting will try to make a lot of sense from Luffy Smith’s return to Chicago. This does not matter. With all due respect, Smith stopped being the Bears head coach a decade ago. While his tenure was the second most successful one of the Super Bowl era, longtime fans lasted. No, this game will focus on quarterbacks, Justin Fields and David Mills.

Both struggled to start the season. Fields averages 95.5 yards through two games with touchdowns and interceptions. Mills couldn’t do much better, completing only 56% of his passes with two- and three-pass whispers. He was also expelled six times. Everyone needs a bounce game after the disappointing losses of Week 2. Whoever succeeds may build some vital momentum in October.


Ruchuan Smith (hip) Not only did Smith struggle in the loss to Green Bay, but he is now dealing with an injury that knocked him out of Wednesday’s training. The full-back is desperately trying to play well with a lucrative contract at the state. Luck seems to be turning against him. The Chicago Bears I hope he can still play, considering how weak their defense has been since the start of the season.

Malik Collins (knee) Houston’s home defense line was already a problem when everyone was healthy. Their passing impulse is not good, and their running defense may be much worse. So losing a veteran rookie like Collins is painful. He is one of the few in that group who can at least be relied upon to know his missions. The timing could be bad, too, with the Bears’ internal offensive streak improving.

Main matches:

Darnell Mooney vs. Derek Stingley, Jr. Chicago couldn’t get the best receiver in two weeks. Mooney has two catches for four yards. They will focus on getting him football in this game and looking for matches against the rising cornerback in Texas. Stingley is talented but has shown his inexperience on several occasions. Mooney’s speed and road running can cause some problems.

Justin Jones vs. Scott Coisinberry Texas Center start: Justin Brett was discharged due to an injury. This positions Quessenberry as an alternative. He is a veteran but has a questionable record of protecting passes. Jones didn’t generate much pressure on the bears for the first two weeks. With a reserve position and a young centre-back with limited mobility, this could be his biggest opportunity yet.


Branden Chefs (WR) The fast wide receiver may be among the most underrated receivers in the NFL. He’s been the focal point of Houston’s passing offensive thus far, with 22 goals. This is ten more than the nearest receiver. Mills will look for his ways multiple times in the game. Bears have to make sure not to let him get too deep because he can change momentum with one big game. Sammy Watkins proved it last week.

David Montgomery (Right Back) Houston defense ranks 30th in the NFL against running. They missed 27 interventions. Montgomery leads all running back with eight broken tackles over two games. This sounds like a recipe for disaster from a Texas standpoint. Chicago showed a willingness to feed Montgomery. If he reached the second level often enough, he might make life miserable to defend them.

Prediction: Bears win 24-20

This is the first game that the Chicago Bears seem to match well with their opponent. Houston struggles to stop the run and is vulnerable to a deep pass. Their pass protection is inconsistent, and they don’t have a proven running game. The Bears are back at Soldier Field with a chip on their shoulders after what happened last week. If they can avoid a lot of mistakes, they should win this game.

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