Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields tries to clear up his post-game remark

Lake Forest, Illinois – In the middle of his weekly media presence, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields He pivoted while answering a question to address comments he made after a 27-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers for which he was criticized on social media.

When asked on Sunday if the Packers’ loss was more painful due to the Bears’ history with their NFC North counterparts and how much fans wanted to get out of the lopsided competition, Fields replied, “Yes. It hurts more in the locker room than the Bears fans. At the end of the day, They don’t do any work. I see men in the locker room every day. I see how much work they do. Coming out of such a disappointing loss, it hurts.”

A video of those comments that did not contain the question submitted to Fields circulated on Twitter and came to the attention of the quarterback when he started receiving notifications about posts he had been tagged in.

On Wednesday, Fields’ goal was to clarify what he meant in the post-game comments.

“Yeah, I was pissed off after the match,” Fields said. “I’d like to address this now to clear everything up.” “There was something I said on Sunday after the match where I said the fans weren’t working. At first, I was frustrated after the match. Number one, I didn’t want to talk to you guys. I don’t have the mood to come and talk to you guys. So, I had to A better job of explaining what I mean by that.

“What I meant by that is I’m talking about business on Sunday’s game, winning the match. I don’t know any fans. I don’t know what they do in their personal lives. I respect every fan that we have. I’m glad we have fans. I would never respect anyone about What he does or what he likes to do. It came this way. Some social media quoted my quote and had a lot of buzz out of it. So of course they did a great job doing it. Of course social media would do that. But I just wanted to make it clear. “

Fields said he turned the backlash he received into a teachable moment.

“I’ve talked to my dad about it, and as long as I’m in this position, there are going to be things like that that pop up, so just know that as long as I’m in this profession, it’s never going to go away, so you just have to either be really clear in Whatever I say, or be really descriptive of what I mean, or really don’t say anything at all.”

Chicago’s offensive game plan and the lack of a passing attack was a larger topic of conversation than Green Bay’s Fields comments. The quarterbacks had 48 net yards in Week 2 after throwing just 11 times, something that coach Matt Ebervlos described as a concern, but he doesn’t worry about protecting against forcing passes for a more balanced approach.

“You want to see balance,” Eberfels said. “I don’t think this is really a strength issue. That’s what we need. We need balance in your attack, in the running/passing calls, and we’re going to get that.”

Fields said Wednesday that the Bears had “full confidence” in offensive coordinator Luke Getsy’s game plan, and that his lack of attempts wasn’t troublesome.

Like I said about Darnell [Mooney] On Sunday, Fields said, if he didn’t get any passes and win the game, he wouldn’t have any problem. If I don’t throw any passes and we win the game, I won’t have any problems. Our goal as a team, as a crime is to win matches. Nobody looks at how many passes I got, how many yards I have. We’re all just trying to win the match.”

Fields said he changed his entire routine after the loss, which includes getting up an hour earlier to allow himself more time to prepare for week three Chicago rival, the Houston Texans. While the social media hype was an annoyance that he felt needed to be cleared up, the quarterback highlighted his desire to share more of his personality as the most up-and-coming player on the Bears roster.

“I think I’m just kind of testing the waters a bit,” Fields said. “I want to show you guys more personality. I don’t want to become a robot here, so at the same time I have to be more descriptive in my words and just describe what I’m trying to say… .

“I can be here and be like, ‘Yeah, we’ll do this and that’ and just be a robot. But I try to show my personality to the world, and try to show my personality to you guys, show I’m a real person and yes, I make mistakes. But yeah, I find a good balance .”