Carol: How did the Seahawks’ juniors perform in the first two weeks

Big Story with the 2022 Seahawks is the junior class play, which was heavily promoted after the April draft as well as throughout the season.

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So far with two games, we’ve seen six of the nine guys play meaningful shots and make a play.

While discussing his team’s 27-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about playing several rookies during Carroll’s Pete Show on Seattle Sports 710 AM.

The offensive line will be closely watched as the Seahawks will engage in two entry-level tackles starting in the first round tackling left Charles Cross and entering the third round on the right by Abraham Lucas. How are they so far?

“Charles is getting off. He is finding some consistency with plenty of room for improvement,” Carroll said. “We are very excited about what he can do to improve, but he is resilient.”

He has held up well against a solid 49-man defensive front with one of the best strikers in All-Pro Nick Bosa football.

“It was a difficult match and a difficult attack. He will need it because we have other teams that will also be loaded. But he played a good and strong game,
said Carol of Cross. “He got hit back a few times in the middle, but he survived really well and did a good job. When they had the big bomber in there and Bossa was on his side, he made it a few times, as did Abe on the other side.”

Carroll said Lucas “did a really great job” for the Seahawks in week two.

“He made some mistakes in this game because he didn’t do it before the start of the season or in the first game. So he was a bit restless in some things, and he’s not going to constantly make those mistakes again. But he put up really well physically and he had Nick a lot,” Carroll said. And he did a great job for the most part.”

Sunday also marked the NFL’s first-round second-round running back Kane Walker III, who had six full touchdowns in just 12 offensive shots. Carol wants to see more of the novice back moving forward.

“Doug, we couldn’t see him (enough). We’ll see him,” Carroll said. “We didn’t give him enough space. He will be an exciting footballer for us. I really love him.”

And what about defense?

Two rookies stood out in positive ways against the 49ers in Rushing 2nd Round Boye Mafe And Tariq Wolin from the fifth round, who started both games with the Seahawks.

For Mafe, he earned his first NFL sack while playing on 30% of the Seahawks’ defensive hits. Expect the hijacker’s share to go up.

“He’s done really well again. He’s made it to quarterback and he’s done two beautiful plays,” Carroll said. He is a good athlete. It’s fast. He needs more play, and we’ll be playing with him more as we go on. He gave us a reason for that. He’s a really sexy guy. He has a tremendous positive trend.”

As for Woolen, he helped save the Seahawks’ only points of the day when he stopped a field goal that teammate Michael Jackson came back for touchdown.

“Shoot the guy, he knocked us down. Great play by these two guys and Michael Jackson finished it,” Carroll said.

Wolin is best known for his height (6 feet 4 inches), length (33 5/8 inches by the arms) and blistering speed (4.26 seconds 40 yards dash), but his body was distinguished by his head coach.

“I don’t know if you noticed the interference he made on (49ers receiver) Deebo (Samuel) when Deebo broke (big race). This guy is an asset on our football team to keep a lot of plays from,” Carroll said. Relegation, that’s for sure.” “He played well again and did a good job. He’s had a couple in the running game and continues to gain more confidence.”

Carroll said both Wolin and Jackson are “covering men” but need to lighten the severity of the penalties.

“We’re having trouble with some (interference calls) at the moment and they’re going to learn how to be more poised right now and clean this stuff up,” Carroll said. “But it’s because they’re right with the guys that’s why it’s happening. (Wulin) does a good job.”

Listen to Carol’s House Show on this link or in the player below.

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