Canada drops vaccine mandates ahead of MLB qualifiers

One of the last remaining jurisdictions to continue to enforce useless and ineffective Vaccine mandates They will be dropped within weeks.

Canada – which has been one of the most oppressive COVID regimes on earth – ends its policy of requiring proof of vaccination to enter the country, to me The Globe and Mail.

This comes a few days before the start Postseason baseballwhich is likely to affect many important players across the league.

NHL Teams have probably been hardest hit by this, with seven franchises based in Canada, meaning there are massive amounts of travel between countries. While almost everyone across the league has already been vaccinated, new players just entering the NHL will be able to avoid the same mandates that existing entrants have been exposed to.

The NBA season He is also a few weeks away from having players like Keri Irving It is now ostensibly allowed to enter the country and play the Raptors in Toronto.

Irving recently spoke about vaccine mandates, saying they are a violation of “human rights”:

This policy has already affected many across the sports world, as well as countless people who wanted or needed to enter the country.

The Kansas City Royals He was without a lot of players when he played the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this year.

Truck drivers also closed border crossings in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s aggressive and discriminatory policy.

Canada’s vaccine states are untenable

Reports broke out not long ago that the Canadian government has There is no scientific justification to ban unvaccinated travelers, but that was demanded by high-ranking political leaders.

Unanimous liberal opinion demanded vaccine mandates, and thus vaccine mandates were enacted and fiercely defended by Trudeau and his allies.

They endlessly referred to “The Science™” to justify their decisions while private communications revealed that there was never any actual science to back up their mandates.

Not only were their decisions unjustified, but also completely ineffective.

The vaccine mandate went into effect late last year, and cases immediately surged, tearing down any previous records of new daily cases:

No matter how much evidence accumulated that vaccines did nothing to prevent the spread of COVID, vaccine passports continued to protect Trudeau and others like him from having to admit they were wrong.

They were willing to harm people, destroy livelihoods, and engage in enforced government-imposed discrimination to protect their vanity and reputation.

Now, at long last, it looks like that’s about to end.

However, the real test is whether or not their newfound acceptance of science continues into the fall and winter, as cases almost certainly begin to rise again.

Until they truly admit they were wrong, there is no way for those hurt by Canada’s offensive mandates to feel safe.

At the very least, the sports world will be able to get back to normal, with the NBA seasons and the NBA season unaffected by Trudeau’s ridiculous policies.