Brewers play a rare double role in the house; A look at DH’s other moments

For the first time in American Family Field history, the Brewers will participate in a “real” double header featuring a pair of nine runs, as a result of a reconstituted Major League Baseball schedule due to the league being out of action.

By the time MLB and the players’ union reached terms in the spring, it was too late to start the season on time, necessitating the rescheduling of two series in Milwaukee that were originally scheduled to start the season.

One of those, against Arizona, has been moved to the end of the year and will now represent the final three games of the season. The other, against the Giants, was split between two points on the calendar. The Giants won a one-time 4-2 match in April, and the other two matches were turned into a double header on September 8 before the Brewers opened a three-game streak with the Reds.