Black has a new star that can lose its prime

One of the many cruel ironies of the never ending sterility of the Detroit Lions is that on multiple occasions they have been exposed to incredible generational talent in a skill position, kept this player on the team throughout his career, and then went on to win nothing even with this must-see star in every game. Barry Sanders couldn’t get Lions out of oblivion. Nor Calvin Johnson. Memories of disappointed teams for which they played add an ominous tone to any new breakthrough the Lions try to welcome, like the 22-year-old receptionist who carried them to victory over Washington on Sunday.

I am not saying that Amon-Ra St. Brown should already be a model for a bust in Canton, but the sophomore lion enjoyed a great start to his NFL career, and as a longtime Lions football tolerant, this fills me with nearly as much awe as it does excitement. But cool, does it look good! After a fairly quiet first few weeks in 2021 befitting a fourth-round pick, St. Brown became more and more a favorite target for Jared Goff until an outstanding performance in the Lions’ first win of the year, in Week 13, where he picked up 10 assists over 86 A yard, he scored an ecstatic goal, hit the bell, and won the game.

Saint Brown Popularized by his coach As ‘Sun God’, he ended his rookie campaign abruptly and has since continued his momentum into 2022. He was the Lions’ leading receiver in his close-quarters loss in the first week to the Eagles, then against the Leaders, he just did it all. St. Brown had nine passes for 116 yards and two TD points in the 36-27 win – he would have had another hit had it not been for Jared Goff’s stray shot at the goal line in the first quarter – and demonstrated an explosive ability to run with the ball as well, going 58 yards on This sudden load of setting up another black touch up.

“As I get it, I mean, nobody even knew I had the ball,” Saint Brown said about this play after the match. “I don’t think the safety looking at me knew I had the ball. All I could hear from the defense was, ‘Oh, shit.’ And I knew. I knew at that point it was going to be a big play.”

Thanks to plays like this, people are too Can Optimism about black again. It may only be in part because Dan Campbell is such a good salesman, but it’s also true that this squad includes some very attractive players. You have Saint Brown, who marries a trusted possession and receives threats in the field; D’Andre Swift, who ran all over Philly last week and hit the injury to hurt Washington off the field as well; Aidan Hutchinson, the second overall pick this year, fired Carson Wentz three times on Sunday. Add that to the first win that comes two and a half months ago last year, and it’s at least reason to smile. Perhaps lions can be attractive and lovable underdogs this yearYou might be thinking of yourself. Not a great team, but a tough squad with some powerful weapons that can survive most weeks until the end.

Don’t fall in love with her! Time and time again, the Lions suck up their fans with celebrity stars, snappy shots, thrilling early-season wins, and even a rare 9-7 season, but it all comes down to heartbreak. This is a team that has won only one playoff game in the past 60 years, and has never crossed a wild card in my life, and even when individual greatness shows its face around Detroit, it doesn’t bring institutional change with it. . Lions will be barren forever, and there is no need to waste your time on this repetition. When you finally prove me right, you will thank me very much. And if I am somehow wrong, you will not be able to find me, because every cell of my body will burst from the shock of long-awaited joy.