Ballers & Busters for Raiders week 2 vs Cardinals

How boy. It’s safe to say any ideas I had on how Ballers & Busters this week will change dramatically between the end of the first half of this game until today. That’s because the Raiders made the wrong kind of history, racking up 20 points to lose to the Cardinals in overtime 29-23.

And it wasn’t just 20 points ahead, it was 20-0 in the first half. Completely unbalanced in favor of the raiders. All that dominance was turned upside down in the second half.

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For that reason, we’ll be kicking off this week’s edition with Busters, keeping the list of those who ultimately deserve some credit.


WR Hunter Renfro

With the score tied 23-23 in overtime, the Raiders stopped and were driving to try to escape with victory. Renfrew finished all of that and the match with consecutive bounces, the second recovered by the defense and came back to claim the win.

In case you need a refresher, these are both games this season and they ended in two failures. Last week Derek Carr flopped twice, and this week it’s usually his confident receiver that he did it. double weft.

QB Derek Carr, HC Josh McDaniels

In the second half when the raiders’ attack was stagnant and the whole team was watching their leading lead away, the ball was not thrown to their best receiver. How in the world does this happen?

Adams saw exactly one pass in the second half. Carr tried to throw Adams twice while driving in overtime. The first was short and incomplete. The second was off target and was almost intercepted.

In a game where the Raiders probably only needed one big game in the second half to stick, they didn’t throw in the big play receiver. Instead, McDaniels and Carr often content themselves with unloading and inspections without completing one that traveled more than nine yards through the air.

LB Gayon Brown, LB Divine Diplo

The Raiders missed their midfield in this match. Without Denzel Berryman, Brown and Diplo played nearly every shot and were picked away, especially in the second half.

In the Cardinals’ first scoring drive, Diplo gave up his capture and missed a tackle while Brown was off center on a 29-yard pass. The second longest game in the game. On the next play, Brown was blocked on his back to allow for a narrow 13-yard end screen. Next, Deablo allowed the option to read eight yards.

The longest game of the day lasted for 30 yards on the field to open the fourth quarter, and once again, Brown was blocked in the play. Then on the next drive, he was clipped by running backwards to give up a one-yard landing run.

The game peg drive saw Brown give up a 10-yard catch, and he and Deablo caught flat-footed at 11 yards. Deablo in particular was brutal on that trip. He was out of position at nine yards, then gave up the edge fourth down to allow Kyler Murray to scramble for the first descent, gave up a six-yard catch, and a ten-yard catch put the Cardinals in first in the 12-yard line.

RT Jermaine Illumonor, RT Thayer Munford, RG Lester Cotton, C Dylan Parham

The entire right side of the Raiders offensive line struggled in this game. Their problems did not start in the second half, they were clear from the start. For example, in the second play of the game, Eluemunor gave up on the sack. Cotton could have helped him, but he didn’t. On the same drive, Eluemunor gave up a tackle for a six-yard loss in an on-screen play. Parham and Cotton gave up on running things without any gains on this engine, too.

In the second possession, once the Raiders entered the red, Parham was flagged for holding and Eluemunor ceded injury to Carr in third, forcing them to settle for a field goal.

Eluemunor left with an injury in favor of rookie Munford. In his first play, he was tagged for sticking. After several plays later on the same drive, he gave up running things without profit and in the next play an illegal formation was reported.

This was all in the first half. Despite all of these issues, the Conquerors somehow were 20-0.

Eluemunor returned in the third quarter. We know that in the beginning and aim of the Seven, he gave up things without profit. After two plays, Cotton gave up a hit on Carr, which left him incomplete and the Raiders settled on another field goal to go up 23-7.

The Conquerors will get a total of eight plays in the fourth quarter. Partly because Parham gave up a hit on Carr to lead with a three-and-out, and gave up an interference to lose four in a run on the other possession.

Those quick possessions gave the Cardinals plenty of time to drive for two touchdowns with successful two-point conversions to hook and send the game into overtime.

D. Chandler Jones

By two games, Jones was not a factor. It was apparently non-existent at times. And this was against his previous team, so he had a lot of motivation.

I have spotted him many times in this game. When he missed the intervention initially and the goal ten to give up a five yards distance. This eventually led to the Cardinals’ first landing. This was one.

Two more passes in the final round of the game when he didn’t hold onto to allow Murray to jog five yards first. Or when you blow on that sack in fourth, Murray survived long enough to earn a penalty in high school. This puts them first and the goal.

Jones played 78 shots (90%). He finished with three tackles and the only play he made was the second press after Maxx Crosby which resulted in a deliberate penalty.