Arizine Tuesday: Justin Moore targets a comeback in late December (September 20)

It’s customary to feature a Villanova mug as the lead image for your daily Arizin photo, but for our less experienced friends on Twitter and social media who may have missed it, we have to open with a big update from John Fanta on Tuesday afternoon.

A Fox Sports Big East basketball reporter sat down with Moore for an interview. Dressed and dressed, Moore shared with Fanta that he’s looking forward to making a comeback in December. Although he gave some positive signs of recovery and rehabilitation in a summer update, this is particularly promising news and well before early recovery forecasts predicted a possible comeback in January.

It was also nice to hear that a couple of NBA stars reached out and that former teammate Colin Gillespie, who is also having an injury relapse of his own, was also offering some words of encouragement.

Moore averaged 14.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists last season, while shooting 39.7% overall and 35.6% from depth. He showed overall growth in his game as a rookie and rose as a great defensive asset as well as his ability to score. Moore was instrumental in helping the cats return to the Final Four.

He tore his Achilles in the last minute of the Elite Eight’s victory over Houston, helping the Cats try to shut things down for the Cougars in a defensive battle.

About nine weeks after that, he got off his walking shoes and got into rehab procedures.

Late December can’t come soon enough, and hopefully Moore’s road to recovery remains smooth and as planned.

Until then, it will definitely be interesting to see how the Cats manage without him in the early part of the season, and then what they look like as a team once he’s back in the squad.

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