Andrew Thomas continues to rise, more giants are observed

Andrew Thomas is the best offensive tackle in the NFL after two games. At least, Pro Football Focus says that New York Giants“Treatment of the left is.

Thomas, who was placed fourth overall by the Giants in 2020, has a PFF score of 89.1 through two games. Rason Slater (83.4) ranked second.

Thomas’s running blocking score of 88.3 ranked third among the interventions to date. The pass blocking score of 82.8 is fifth among competitions with at least 10 blocking passes. Thomas has given up four pressures in 77 shots to block the pass.

For Thomas, his rise towards becoming a premium player appears to be continuing. In a miserable junior season, Thomas gave up the second biggest pressure of any tackle (57) in 2020. Since around the middle of the junior season, though, Thomas’s play has continued to improve.

Thomas was strong last season, finishing 17th out of 54 qualifying tackles, according to the PFF classification system.

Thomas is always compared to the other three offensive tackles the Giants could have chosen with this fourth overall pick. Now it is clear that there are two levels in that group – Thomas and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Right to tackle Tristan Kicks in the first level, and Jedric Wells and Mickey Picton at the second level.

“I don’t take Andrew for granted,” offensive line coach Bobby Johnson said last week. “When you have a player of his caliber you can’t take it for granted. I see all the things he’s doing before the game. I see all the preparations, all the questions, all the work he’s doing.”

This work is definitely paying off.

internal issues

If you think to watch Sunday’s game against Carolina Panthers That the problems the Giants faced along the offensive line were coming from within, PFF Week 2 scores confirmed that.

The three least offensive players were goalkeeper Mark Glowinsky (50.2), midfielder John Feliciano (39.9) and goalkeeper Joshua Izudo (22.3). Ben Bredison had an acceptable score of 63.1, which confirmed why he played 56 shots against 17 for Ezeudu.

“He is true to his word”

“Whether it’s the highest-paid player, the lowest-earning player, the highest-paid player, or the non-made free agent – we’re going to go in there and let the players compete for it. One week doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s going to happen next week. I think everyone understands what we’re trying To do as an organization in terms of continuing to improve, competing for positions, and working as hard as possible.”

That was head coach Brian Dabol on Monday, addressing once again the fact that high-paid Kenny Goladay has played twice against the Carolinas while David Sales (67 shots) and Ritchie James have played 31 times.

New coaches always talk about building a culture. Winning games of course helps build that culture. It also helps players be able to trust that what they hear from the coach is the truth. Giants players buy what Daboll sells.

“When something like that is said, you can see it as a rant, I think. ‘Yeah, we get it,’ said Julian Love, like, ‘Yeah, we get it, there are certain things that do too,’ but he stayed true to his word and that is what it is. “We want the players to be ready, we want the players to be ready and we have a lot of confidence in them playing the games as often as we can. Practice is important, and focuses on practice. If you had a bad day, you gotta fix it, you gotta fix it. We all have bad days and that’s what it is. He sticks to his word, and I respect that. It is fair. “

movie review

Here are a few things I noticed while rewatching the condensed version of Giants vs. Panthers. As always, a reminder that I don’t pretend to be able to watch and wreck the movie the way Nick Valato and Chris Plumb can.

  • One thing I learn about Wink Martindale’s defense is that his idea of ​​pressing isn’t necessarily sending six attackers down the middle. It’s the idea of ​​whether he’s sending four, five or six, which creates confusion in the line of scrimmage, so offense is uncertain the moment the rushers come in.
  • Martindale has talked a lot about the seemingly simple act of running into football as an essential part of playing defense. There were three Sunday “hustle” plays by the Giants that illustrate this

– Loew saved Christian McCaffrey from behind to win 6 yards from his first-quarter pass from the screen.

“I was in my ass. Love said, ‘You fell flat on the floor plain and simple, but you just got up and you’d play free.’” “Maybe in the past I might have been thinking, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to hate that in the movie.’ But there is none of that.” You can get up and put on a play because the teams are just relying on you to play really freely.”

– In the third and fourth, Dexter Lawrence chased down a 340-pound scrambling Baker Mayfield after making his first touchdown.

– McCaffrey’s last-quarter run from 49 yards looked like it might end up being a 75-yard touchdown. Cornbacke Fabian Moreau, though, was able to bring McCaffrey down.

“She gave us another chance,” Justin Ellis said in a defensive tackle. “Wink, that’s one thing, I’ve been with him for four years now, and that’s something he always preaches. Just get them down on the floor, give us a chance to play another shot. Just drop him on the floor, even if it’s a big win, just get him down on Earth “.

Jaylon Smith is back!

It may end up having absolutely no impact on the 2022 Giants, but I was happy to see the Giants bring Smith back to their coaching staff. I thought that even though he’s not the athlete he was in his days our ladySmith showed enough playmaking and coverage in his short time with the Giants last season to have a chance to compete for a job this year.

The giants didn’t give him that chance at first. He owns it now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his way into today’s role in the game.