About half of FBS beginners are diversions

Spencer Rattler, Chandler Morris, and Tanner Mordechai were all in the same quarters’ room in Oklahoma.

Two years ago, JT Daniels and Kidon Sloves were studying playbook together in Southern California.

They are all now starting for different programmes. And they are just a few examples of the increased player mobility due to the transfer portal and the additional season of eligibility for players who participated in the 2020 season changed by the pandemic.

There are more opportunities and more time for midfielders to look for different positions. Sometimes that means QB1 is elsewhere for coaches looking to fill in the gaps or make changes – or both.

“You guys are smart enough to know we’ve changed a lot of things offensively,” Kansas State coach Chris Kleiman said four years after Nebraska debutant Adrian Martinez. “I mean, we weren’t what I saw last year or even some in the bowl, and we were going at a brisk pace most of the time.”

Nearly half of the starting quarterbacks for the 131 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in this season’s openers did not initially attend their current schools. That includes 32 of the 65 teams in the Power Five — with 19 of those first-year transfers as Martinez and Emory Jones at Arizona State.

“My mentality when I came here was, ‘I’m going to be the beginning. “This is how I manage myself every day,” said Jones, who made 12 games for Florida last season and didn’t go to Tempe until the summer.