Aaron Rodgers’ ambiguity seen in Sunday Packers game takes an international turn

All the buzzing over Aaron Rodgers The lookalike that appeared in the stands at Lambeau Stadium during the broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” made its way to “the other” Aaron Rodgers.

“Total Planet,” Rodgers joked during his regular Tuesday appearance “The Pat McAfee Show.” “This was a whole factory for NBC, I’m sure of that.”

During the fourth quarter of Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers At the match, NBC showed a fan in the crowd who looked as jaw-dropping as Rodgers (maybe with a little more salt and more pepper in a full beard).

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The identity of the quarterback’s twins wasn’t immediately confirmed, but not because there were so few people trying to solve the mystery on social media.

“He is allegedly a Canadian Bavarian fella who is currently living in Germany,” McAfee said.

Twitter account with the handle Tweet embed In the Bavarian city of Munich, the same person appears in what looks like Munich International Airport in the background. “Finally home, the end of the legendary weekend,” reads the caption to the photo posted on Tuesday, along with the hashtags #doppelganger and #DoubleAaron.

On Tuesday, WISN-TV (Channel 12) in Milwaukee was able to reach the man, who lives in Germany, and asked to be identified as Frank solely for privacy reasons, to confirm that it was him.

He told the TV station He was in Green Bay to surprise his father, a big fan of the Packers, with his first visit to Lambeau Field. Frank said he was rarely told by people that he looked like Rodgers, until he was at the game, but at Lambeau, he asked people to take pictures with him and bought him a few beers.

McAfee asked Rodgers if he knew the fan or spoke to him. Rodgers hasn’t responded, but he does follow SherbyFranky on Twitter. Instead, he was dwelling more on his theory that the man was really an actor who was put into the crowd to make good TV.

“The thing that makes me think it might have been a plant is, wouldn’t he turn to the camera and admit the camera?” said Rodgers. Did he get his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card?

Frank responded to Rodgers’ comments on “The Pat McAfee Show” with a tweet on Wednesday: “If I need clarification, I’m available for #DoubleAaron Tuesday next week.”

This isn’t the first time a Rodgers lookalike has pushed people to play a double role. Several years ago, British comedian Tom Rigglesworth drew his resemblance to Rodgers for laughs In a video that humorously traces Rodgers’ lineage in England. In 2014, he filmed NFL Films presents special He made him wander to Green Bay landmarks in an attempt to deceive people and eventually met Rodgers and his co-workers at Lambeau Field.

In 2020, a Victorian era picture for sale Show on eBay a man with a mustache that looks a lot like Rodgers. It sold for $202.

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This article originally appeared on Green Bay Press-Gazette: Mystery resembling Aaron Rodgers’ appearance takes an international turn