A healthy Giancarlo Stanton is the key to the New York Yankees winning the 28th Championship

New York Yankees of DH Giancarlo Stanton celebrates a Grand Slam

Aaron Judge wasn’t the only player in the Bronx Bombers – Giancarlo Stanton could also hit his share of stingers
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Make no mistake about it, this season belongs to him Aaron Judge and His History Tracks Through MLB America.

But if the New York Yankees are to finally win the World Championship again – the last time was in 2009 – it will be because of Giancarlo Stanton.

Simply put, his racket is killer.

When there’s some big ground-shaking runs in a big place, Stanton’s racket is usually the source of that.

We saw it again Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium. It was meant to be a bad day at the office, and a huge loss for the humble Pittsburgh pirate.

After all, the Buccaneers took an 8-5 lead in the ninth inning after Judge Homer hit solo – His number 60 this season.

And when Stanton arrived at the board, the bases were loaded. Stanton then fired a laser shot into the left stands after Will Crowe let out a change too high. Fans in the Da Bronx jumped for joy. It was like a scene from the movies, so it seemed unreal that it was written.

But this is Stanton. He once hit 59 Homers in one season for the Marlins.

Injuries, not the good stuff from the heap, held Stanton the most.

When he’s healthy, he should watch TV. He’s a guy who works in the bathroom or has to wait for concession.

We saw it at the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, where Stanton fired a long-range HR ball into the left field stands at Dodger Stadium, tying the game to AL. It was his first All-Star Game as a Yankee and he became the third Yankee to win the All-Star Player of the Year award.

On the break, Stanton had 24 HR and 61 RBI. The Yankees had the best record at 64-28, a 13-game lead over AL East. Without a doubt, Stanton’s racket was a big part of the reason they played like monsters.

And we can’t forget Stanton’s Dream Game Field Championships in Iowa cornfields. He rolled the unforgettable HR twice, twice, that put the Yankees atop the White Sox in the ninth inning (Of course Tim Anderson right after that).

Even better, if you’re a fan of the Yankees, Stanton has had a magical post-season bat for the past few years with the Bombers.

In fact, in the last eight playoffs, Stanton has had seven lucky catches and 14 RBIs. In 2020, Stanton became the first player to achieve home ground success in each of his team’s first five post-season games.

Combined with Judge, it’s a killer combination.

When the Yankees got that ridiculous start to the 2022 season, it was the first time Judge and Stanton were healthy and playing every day.

When both Homer are in a game, it’s almost an automatic win for Bronx launchers. The duo have been teammates since 2018, but injuries usually hurt one another.

In the first 26 games in which they both qualified, the Yankees were 25-1.

Back on May 13, both hitters delivered a 10-4 win over the White Sox in Chicago. In that time, the win gave the Yanks their 24th best MLB season win. This was only the fifth time in franchise history that they had 24 wins in their first 32 games.

In the other four seasons they achieved this, they won the world championship (1928, 39, 58, 98)

Stanton was injured in the All-Star Game and was placed on the injury list. Then the Yankees’ offense stopped for about three weeks. New York went 12-17, averaging two rounds less than the game when Stanton was sidelined due to left Achilles tendinitis.

In his first game, Stanton, of course, had three RBIs in the Yankees’ 13-4 win over the Oakland A.

Having Stanton makes teams have to get close to Judge. This protection is huge.

If the duo reach 100 wrecks – Stanton 27 and Judge 60 – they will be the sixth pair of teammates to do so in history. Each group only had one teammate of 50 or more in a season when Mickey Mantell and Roger Maris did it in 1961.

Judge and Stanton both have that power. But the Stanton racket is key to the Yankees’ title this season. This has obviously been the case all season.