5 alternative options for Trey Lance (2022 Fantasy Football)

Take advantage of the panicked fellow league runner who made Russell Wilson’s rosters.

After sitting most of his junior year, Tree Lance He was named the San Francisco 49ers quarterback for the 2022 season. However, his trial as a starter ended on Sunday.

Lance suffered an ankle injury at the end of the season early in the 49ers’ win over the Seattle Seahawks, 27-7. Jimmy Garoppolo He entered the game, scored twice, and scored an incredible 16.7 points. While the 49 alternative players for Lance were on the list, fantasy players will likely be scrambling for an alternative option.

Unfortunately, fantasy players will find it more difficult to replace Lance. However, there are low buy trade targets and concession wire options available. Here are five fantasy quarterback players you should aim for.

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Trade Objectives

Tom Brady (QB – TB)

The Goats haven’t gotten off to a great start this season. He has only one passing touchdown in each of his first two matches. Furthermore, Brady has averaged just 9.9 Fantasy points per game this season, and scored just under 10.5 Fantasy points in both competitions. However, the pirate faced tough defenses and had many casualties on the attack. As he faces a tough Week 3 match against the Green Bay Packers, Brady’s schedule begins to thin out after that. Moreover, once the pirates return healthy Chris Goodwin And the Donovan Smith, the crime must start to click. Now is the time to buy low while Brady struggles.

Russell Wilson (QB – DEN)

With Denver not playing Wilson and the starting unit in pre-season, it’s no surprise that the veteran quarterback struggled to start the year. After throwing 340 yards in Week 1, Wilson completed only 45.2% of his passes for 219 yards and one touchdown while he scored an impressive 11.1 points Sunday against the Houston Texans. Some are willing to call Wilson as a draft and look for an alternative option in the waiver wire. Take advantage of this foolish thinking. With the new quarterback and head coach in place, it will take a while for the Denver attack to swing and click. Once they do that, Wilson will be back to his level of play in the middle of QB1.

Dak Prescott (QB – DAL)

When you lose a midfielder due to injury, what should you do? Trade for the injured quarterback, of course! Prescott suffered a thumb injury in his first week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, the Cowboys did not put him in an injured reserve, believing he could be back in a few weeks. While he was struggling against the Buccaneers, scoring just 4.5 Fantasy points, Prescott averaged 21.7 Fantasy points per game over his previous 21 games. Meanwhile, the cowboys must get Michael Gallup Coming back from an ACL rupture in the next week or two. Once Prescott is back in the squad, expect him to produce as he did last season. Take advantage of your fellow league and trade for Prescott before he returns.

Wire Waiver Objectives

Carson Wentz (QB – WAS)

Over the first two weeks of the season, Wentz scored more fantasy points than Justin HerbertAnd the Keeler Murray, and most of the other midfielders. The seven passing distances tied for the top of the league Patrick Mahomes. With Washington’s talented trio of wide receivers, Wentz has the best reception of his career. Most importantly, the captain’s defense has ceded an average of 29 points per game this season, forcing Wentz and offense to keep them in matches. Furthermore, he may be among the league leaders in pass and relegation attempts this season. Wentz is currently listed in only 56.7% of ESPN’s tournaments. It should be a top priority for anyone who has lost a lance.

James Winston (QB – NO)

Winston put in an excellent first week performance, throwing 269 yards and two touchdowns while scoring an impressive 21.7 points against the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, he was poor on Sunday against the Buccaneers, throwing three interceptions and scoring just 7.6 points. However, the Buccaneers have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and the Saints would have been without it Alvin Camara. While his performance against Tampa Bay brought back his 2019 season’s nightmares, Winston’s schedule shines over the next few weeks with confrontations against Minnesota, Seattle and Arizona. Moreover, it has an excellent trio of wide receivers with Michael ThomasAnd the Jarvis LandryAnd the Chris Olaf. If Winston is on the waiver card, take him this week.

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Mike Vanelli is a featured writer for FantasyPros. For more from Mike, check out his site Archives and follow him @Mike_NFL2.

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