49ers news: 4 winners, 1 loser and 1 giant IDK with Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers Win a game by 20 points over an opponent in Week 2, you would have no idea based on the current speech. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers from Sunday’s 27-7 victory over Seahawks.


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One of the biggest question marks for the 49ers coming into the season was whether the vaults would hold up in coverage. Through two matches, Talanoa Huvanga has three assists. Almost every one of them would object. On Sunday, Hufanga jumped two routes, one of which led to Tashaun Gipson’s interception. Hovanga addressed the loss early in the match. He’s constantly involved in the movement, and his awareness and intensity have been a welcome full-time addition to the 49ers’ defense. Hovanga seems to be the real deal.

Edge Rusher – Nick Bossa

Seeing Bossa here should not be repeated. Dominating every game is what makes the best players who they are. Bossa had four singles pairs, including two bags. He lived in backwaters Seattle where he hit Jenno Smith in three separate lunges. Bossa’s quest for Best Defensive Player is off to a solid start.

offensive line

Last week, in critical situations, the offensive line collapsed. The streak allowed only three QB hits on the 24 combined touchdowns for the 49ers quarterback. There were a couple of malfunctions that resulted in handlers losing, but this is to be expected with a lack of experience along the cabin.

The 49 players carried the ball 45 times for 189 yards as a team. Jeff Wilson’s Next Generation stats give the best context for how blocking is performing. Wilson only gained ten yards more than expected. Ty Davis-Price was only five in the same statistic. This tells me that the streak paved the way for every runner.

Demiko Ryans

The Seahawks struggled to do anything in an offensive manner. Per RBSDM, they had a below average pass rate, negative EPA per game, and they ran the ball three times.

Seattle’s top highlights are Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. You choose the poison. Who will stop? The Niners chose Metcalf, as he had 35 receptions for four yards. Lockett’s production was there with 107 yards, but that was the Ryans gamble.

The 49 players were healthy and played good football. There was one penalty kick on the team. They set Geno Smith to a third conversion rate of 28%, and they canceled the running game in Seattle. The Seahawks averaged 2.6 yards per carry in 14 attempts of a length of eight. For reference, Lance’s seven-yard load was the Seahawks’ second longest dash.

The defense was two steps ahead all day and wasn’t broken when he decided to bend over. So take a bow, DeMeco.


Tree Lance

For a few minutes after his injury, everyone associated with this team felt some emotion. These feelings ranged from sadness to setting fire to this place. This season’s candle of excitement blew out when I saw the future of the franchise erupting with a look on his face saying he’s not coming back.

You can’t help but feel for Lance, going for another season without developing at the level of the NFL. Instead, he will spend the next half year in rehabilitation. This was a big year for Lance because he was going to run into mistakes as long as the team kept their head above the water.

I’m afraid from what we saw in the second half, the same offense that seemed unimaginable throughout 2021 will head back ugly with Jimmy J under center once again.

You’ll see reports that the team was never behind Lance and a lot of “I told you so” types of responses. After the match, every player looked devastated by Lance’s injury. This is where the focus should lie.

I’ve been looking forward to watching Lance go through this process and seeing how he’s learned from his struggles this year. But, unfortunately, that will be suspended for the second consecutive season.

Kyle Shanahan

I don’t blame Shanahan for managing the 225-pound quarterback. However, the decision to kick a field goal on the 2-yard line twice, having your offensive line shown to be the best unit in both drives, is baffling to me.

Going on the fourth and eighth was the kind of decision you want to see from Shanahan. You can be aggressive in attack when you have an elite defense. Soon after the interception, you had the momentum, and the flow of the game was said to be going for it. Crime didn’t get through, but it didn’t hurt because they stopped Seattle and forced a spin on the next drive.

A fourth down decision came in the opening round after the Niners had been on the field for about six minutes, most of them running the ball. The second came after Jake Brendel bumble butt.

Two 20-yard field goal attempts with talent on this side of the ball and how consistently the attack moved up and down the field proves that Shanahan stuck in his eyes. Both motivations were an opportunity to set the tone for the game.

Instead, San Francisco bet on their next two leads before sealing the match with a 7-minute score.


Jimmy Garoppolo

Out of shooting, aggressive, Garoppolo looked like the new quarterback during his first few drives. Then the crime came again. Even the landing drive before the end of the trail was more than Deebo Samuel and Jeff Wilson doing the heavy lifting after the hunt.

If Jimmy pushes the ball down the court (first two pushes), not a flinch in the face of pressure (second and 14 to Ayok), recognize the correct coverage, and eject the ball at the right time to move the chains (throw wide) to Wilson on 3 and 2 ), this offense will be among the best in the league.

The 8-for-11, 106-yard start turned 5-for-10 for 48 yards after the Seahawks made adjustments in the first half. Will we get any consistency from Jimmy, or will this be another season where it varies by opponent?

There’s a chance that Garoppolo will play as he did during the first two drives if he’s the one taking reps with the starters every day during the week. With that said, we have several years of evidence, so why would it be different this time?

After the match, Garoppolo said it feels like 2017, “where you’re just getting out of throwing, doing plays, and that’s what I love to do.” We’ll talk more about that later today. Because if that’s what it takes to let Garoppolo play free, the head coach will have to let that happen.