4 OPTIONS FOR PRESIDENTIALS WITH Willie Jay Jr. Heading to Shutdown

The Kansas City Chiefs Now 2-0, heading into the Week 3 match against the surprise 0-1-1 Indianapolis Colts.

Chiefs fans were riding a wave of undefeated and taking out a strong opponent in the top flight Los Angeles Chargers When the unfortunate and shocking news of quarterback Willie Jay’s commentary hit the airwaves (More about it here).

Jay’s comment leaves a huge hole in defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo’s unit. His energy, speed, athletic performance and range will be tough to replace, but let’s take a look at how the Chiefs can replace Jay’s defensive production over the next four games.

Liu Chanal

Rookie Chiefs drafted Liu Chenal in the third round of this year’s draft of Wisconsin. He is currently starting as the SAM linebacker in the Chiefs Base Defense. Coming into the draft, Chenal was known for his willingness to take on blocks and attack the ball carrier, helping him excel in running defense. Although he is not entirely responsible in a passing game, it can be a difficult task to ask him to cover fast tight ends or run backwards. Chenal seems to be the best option for staying on SAM, as moving him to the weak side could put him at a disadvantage.

Darius Harris

Darius Harris is spending his third year as president after being signed as a non-drafted free agent from Central Tennessee after the 2019 draft. He’s the man I think the presidents are turning to first to fill Jay’s void in the next four games. After dropping out of college, he was highly regarded for his versatility to play every linebacker in a 4-3 scheme. After his signature, General Manager Brett Fitch Went on record.

“[Harris] “A man you might want to watch,” Fitch said. “And maybe not this year, but we think he has a lot of talent going forward. He could be a guy who not only makes the list but starts someday. We’re excited about him. We [also] Excited for the speed of it [Gary] Johnson brings. But these are two men we loved. Since we didn’t draft any linebackers, we were definitely aggressive. If you go back to this Harris kid, he was a kid if he didn’t have a shoulder problem, he’d be recruited.”

Harris’ speed might be the only thing that wonders how productive he is, but I think the bosses will give him a nod to find out.

Elijah Lee

Elijah Lee is a 6-year veteran signed to a one-year deal by The Chiefs last off-season after spending his last two seasons with Cleveland Browns. Lee is a local guy from Blue Springs High School who played college ball in Kansas State.

Lee started only six matches in his six-year career. He had a strong start in defense and special teams, leading many to believe he would start over with Chenal. Lee has scored eight defensive tackles this season, and I don’t see that trend changing much with Jay’s comment.

Jack Cochrane

Rookie Jack Cochrane from South Dakota is an interesting player to consider. Cochrane was signed to the Chiefs after the 2022 draft and immediately began showing up at the team’s junior camp. Cochrane did not make the initial Chiefs roster of 53 players but was quickly added to the coaching squad. On September 13, chiefs Activate it to the active list To the surprise of many, which would indicate that the chiefs likely knew that Jay’s comment was looming.

Cochran primarily played the quarterback in South Dakota, but he also played the outside quarterback there as well. He used Spagnuolo Gay in several cover situations during his first two games, and that happens to be one of Cochrane’s strong areas. He has the fluent hips of a quarterback and the physique to cover the tight ends. With six career interceptions and 16 career passes defended in college, he might be a good choice to replace Jay in clear passing situations.

bottom line

There is no doubt that Jay’s absence will be felt by the defence. But the bosses have some depth that could cushion the blow over the next four games. While he’s not a linebacker, safety rookie Bryan Cook will also be a player who might see an increase in his shots in some of the sub-packs to help fill the void.

It would be interesting to see which direction Spagnuolo is going in certain situations. Regardless of the temporary solution, the Chiefs and their fans will eagerly await Jay’s return.


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