3 reasons why Seattle won the 2022 World Championship

The Seattle Mariners are on their way to making the 2022 MLB Postseason, and once they officially snatch a playoff seat, it will be the first time since Julio Rodriguez entered this world that the franchise will play after the regular season. With that being said, here are three reasons why Rodriguez and the navigators end up with a wild World Championship celebration when all is said and done.

3. pitching

The sailors’ World Championship hopes will likely be reduced to how well they show up on the road. They’ve beefed up their rotation with the addition of Luis Castillo ahead of the 2022 MLB trade deadline. He’s been solid so far for the Mariners, posting a 2.83 ERA and 2.89 FIP in his first nine starts on the Seattle leads. Robbie Ray recently struggled with nine winning runs across 10.0 runs over his last two games, but he’s been counting on him down the mound for most parts of the season.

Then there’s the Mariners’ game, another strength of the club. Seattle’s thinners have a 3.26 collegiate ERA, which is good for a seventh place in the major leagues. Of the six eligible relievers, sailors have four with an ERA less than 3.00, including Erik Swanson, who has a 1.17 ERA and a 95.1 LOB%. Speaking of which, Mariners’ Bullpen has the best left based rate in all major coins with a clip of 77.0 percent. It is also not. #1 in the MLB with a 0.258 BABIP, which signifies another strength of the sailors – their field.

2. Unknown hero

The bad news for the Mariners is that they are not sure if Suarez will be as good as he was before the fracture of his right index finger which also put him on the injury list for 10 days. But if the Sailors are going to stage a World Championship bid in Seattle, they definitely need Suarez to have the high level performances they are used to seeing from him this season.

Become Suarez undervalued This year’s baseball gem. His 0.235 hit rate alone could not be used to betray the high quality of the work he did on the board. Suarez has a +133 OPS, which is only three points lower than his career high of +136 OPS in 2018 when he was still with the Cincinnati Reds – the same year he featured his only All-Star so far.

BYou can make a strong case that this is the best season of his career so far. 4.6 bWAR has better than his bWar 4.0 during his only All-Star campaign. Suarez isn’t a judge for Aaron or even Paul Goldschmidt, but he did play a huge role in attack (and even defense) for the sailors. He creates running and scoring opportunities by putting balls into play with an above-average frequency despite hitting a lot – a signature of Suarez’s career. He is MLB’s Top 30 wRC+ (135) Top 15 Walking Draw while also posting .296 BABIP.

Across Larry Stone from The Seattle Times:

“It’s not as if Suarez didn’t always have this. Coming on Friday, he’s scored more home points (160) since 2018 than any other player in the league – more than the judge. But even though Suarez has scored Already setting a Mariners season record by hitting 182, breaking Mike Cameron’s mark of 176 in 2002, Scott Service sees a player who has improved significantly. He credits that to Suarez’s openness to absorbing some new teaching points in Seattle.”

But if you are looking for a file poor A player on the Mariners’ roster, it’s time to talk about Julio Rodriguez.

1. Hungry phenomenon

There is no doubt as to who is the Mariners’ best player this season, and that is none other than rookie Julio Rodriguez. The 21-year-old was amazing, to say the least, in his first season in MLB. Even sailors might be surprised at how quickly Rodriguez got where he is now. As of this writing, Rodriguez has been battling .277/.340/.499 with 27 home runs, 73 RBI, and 25 stolen bases. 142 fps + his is almost 10 points higher than Suarez, who is second on the team in that statistical division.

One factor preventing Rodriguez from further realizing his massive potential is his gentle discipline, as he achieves 25.9 percent of the time and pulls only 7.4 percent off his bats. However, the bad goods greatly outweighed when talking about Rodriguez. Board discipline is one of the things Rodriguez will eventually master, but he’s already great enough this season to be seen as the Mariners’ best player. Rodriguez had his breakout moments at the 2022 Derby Home Run, but he could become an even bigger major star if he can continue his stellar play in the playoffs.

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