3 bets for Roansy Contreras, Bailey Ober and Robbie Ray (Wednesday, September 21st)

I took a close and extended look at Action Labs’ predictions today, and there are three shooters our model would love to review Violations totals today.

All three of these plays are highly rated plays by our display systems, and I’ve found other reasons to support these shooters today as well.

our Work factor props tool Each item scores on a scale from 1 to 10, and I’ll be sure to include the score for each of my betting recommendations in my discussions below.

Let’s dive in.

Roansy Contreras Over 3.5 Strikeouts (-115)

pirates @ Yankees
the first show 7:05 PM ET
best line kings

Roansy Contreras is a pitcher you should watch out for next season. He has the elite of things, ranking above 80 percent of shooters in fast ball speed, fast ball spin rate and curve spin rate.

As a result, Contreras ranks above 80 percent of shooters in the chase rate, as you can see below.

Contreras has not been consistent in scoring hits in the majors, but his minor league stats show he has the ability to (over 12K/9 in both Double-A and Triple-A).

Contreras has reached that streak in 10 of his 18 appearances this season, scoring at least five on nine occasions. The Yankees are a frightening offense, but expectations are adoring today’s Contreras:

There is a lot of value in these numbers so don’t bet on Contreras today.

picking Over 3.5 kilos (-115)
Working coefficient degree: 10/10

Billy Opper Over 3.5 Strike Out (-135)

twins @ Royals
the first show 8:10 PM ET
best line kings

Billy Uber is a young, dependable pitcher. A change in his mechanics last season saw him discover a huge jump in velocity, and his 6-foot-9 frame has created an extension that ranks in the 97th percentile of starting shooters.

The catch is that Uber beats its expected stats, but I don’t put much stock in that.

Uber spent some time in IL this season but managed to break that number despite a short streak. Uber has cashed in over 3.5kg in six of eight games this year while throwing more than 80 starting throws just once.

Uber also beat Triple-A opponents in the early stages of rehab. It’s worth noting that Uber ranks above 75 percent of starting pitchers in the average Swinging-Strike in its limited movement this year.

Dating back to last season, Ober collected more than 3.5 Ks in 22 of 28 starts without throwing more than 93 throws.

This leads us to kansas Citi, where members of the royal family boast a disciplined lineup. However, Uber has dropped over 3.5 hits in all four starts against the Royals since 2021. CSW has averaged 30% across all four starts and has never thrown more than 75 runs.

No matter what length Uber is given tonight, at least four members of the royal family must cross. Display systems also agree on:

I’m all on Uber tonight.

picking Over 3.5K (-135)
Working coefficient degree: 10/10

Ruby Ray Over 6.5 Strike Out (-120)

sailors @ Athletics
the first show 9:40 PM ET
best line kings

Robbie Ray failed to reach that number in three consecutive games. He has allowed nine earned runs over his last two starts and 10 the total Innings, the sailors lost both games.

However, this may only mean that Ray is undervalued. It still ranks above the 85th percentile in swing hit rate, above 80th percentile in whiff rate, and above the 70th percentile in chase rate.

Ray’s top three tones exceed 22.5%, including a 40.5% sniff rate on the infamous slider.

And his last few starts don’t matter. Ray has misused the letter A in the past. Ray has a 2.30 ERA in five games against Oakland with 47 strikes in 31 1/3 runs (13.5k/9). Ray hit no less than a 10a in four of those five starts.

Rai’s last start against A:

  • 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 4 H, 2 BB, 20.5% SwSt, 33% CSW, 12 Ks

Here are Ray’s predictions for today:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ray hit 15 Athletics in tonight’s game.

picking More than 6.5K (-120)
Working coefficient degree: 10/10

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