13 Thoughts on Losing Embarrassed Bears in Peak Packers

Dhruv Koul shares his in-game reactions, thoughts and observations from the Bears-Packers Sunday Night soccer game at Lambeau Field. Follow him on Twitter @DhruvKoul to continue the conversation.

Green Bay, Wes – Ah yes, the annual prime-time showdown in Green Bay. The Chicago Bears The Green Bay Packers met Sunday evening at Lambeau Field again. However, both teams entered the game riding different emotional waves than expected.

The Packers were demolished at US Bank Stadium last Sunday, falling to the Minnesota Vikings, 23-7. Aaron Rodgers struggled to connect with his new young recipients, and the defense had no answers for Justin Jefferson.

Meanwhile, the Bears shocked much of the football world by shocking the San Francisco 49ers in the monsoon season at Soldier Field. Even with an inexperienced young QB at Trey Lance, the 49ers were expected to come to Chicago and hit a young football team that couldn’t compete with the way San Francisco was built. Instead, the Bears allowed the 49ers to beat themselves up in an impressive turnaround in the second half.

Bears 1-0 and Packers 0-1? Meet in a prime time game? I couldn’t tell you the last time this happened.

But the Bears tonight had a chance not only to make a national statement, even with a squad full of freshmen, they don’t slack, but also buried the Packers somewhat at 0-2 in the division to start the year.

In the end, the Bears had no answers for Green Bay, as The Packers streaked across Chicago for a dominant win.

I’ve shared my in-game reactions, thoughts and feedback from the game below. Follow me on Twitter @DhruvKoul to continue the conversation.

Thoughts and notes

1. The Packers took the ball first – and after calling a laughable “illegal low block” on the Kindle Vildor in the first play of the melee, gave the pack 15 free yards – mixed in with some great kicks and passes to stay balanced on the opening lead. Aaron Rodgers targeted the Bears in the coverage, beating Kyler Gordon multiple times on the drive, including twice for third. But Gordon made a nice PBU on a confirmed landing lane, then fired Trevis Gipson Rodgers on 3 and 15 to get Green Bay to settle on FG. Good result at the end of the day.

2. This was a great first drive to attack bears. Luke Getsy made some intriguing stops in the opening script – with some neat schematic paths from David Montgomery, flea flashes to Equanimeous St. Brown for 30 yards, and Justin Fields calls his number on the touchdown touchdown. OL was strong against the strong Packers DL, and they stayed on top of the series well. 7-3, bears after leading each other.

3. Covering the Bears passes was generally tough on this one. Gordon was once again burned in the Treasury against Sammy Watkins who put the Packers in the red again. Aaron Jones then took the field 15 yards for TD to put Green Bay back in, 10-7. Really nice ban by OL on this landing. Overall, the running defense was good during one quarter against a very good room of RB right-back. But the pass’s defense against some questionable recipients (so far) has been poor.

Naturally, the Bears responded with a “negative” drive as Fields were driven out, a swing pass to Darnell Mooney lost yards, and the third check and 19 didn’t gain much.

Indeed – Robert Quinn sacked Rodgers on 3 and 10 for forcing a penalty. Great play.

4. My word. After a brutal offensive campaign where Justin Fields fired a pass two yards from LOS for an illegal fore pass that led to a kick, the Packers split Chicago all the way to the touchdown. Brutal interference, disorderly play, and unacceptable basics. The Packers turned second and 28 with a WR screen that went for 20 and Randall Cobb’s slash went for nine. Ruchuan Smith looks lost. This is a planning clinic from Matt LaFleur tonight.

I have to agree to this now…

5. This was a clinic from the Green Bay Packers tonight. Matt LaFleur has been great and so have the RBs. Aaron Rodgers did nothing special himself, the RBs and Bears were beating themselves up on penalties and misses in tackles.

The Packers go into the first half until 24-7 and they don’t seem to be doing anything wrong. Let’s see what kind of adjustments the training device can make in the second half. They’ll need ’em.

Oh, and it’s raining now at Lambeau Field.

6. The entire third quarter passed without anything noteworthy.

The Packers continue to drain the game away with excellent gameplay. They stumbled in an exchange in the Bears reclaimed Chicago — and drove for a field goal that swings at least six points.

But it’s 24 to 10 Packers after three quarters, and there’s not much life visible from this Bears team.

7. I think the talent gap is very clear tonight. Packages are built like a competitor. Bears are not. In three quarters, this team clearly has a long way to go to compete consistently. I think the biggest problem, though, is how bad some of the “pillars” are coming out tonight. Ruchuan Smith was a savage. Keller Gordon looked lost. Darnell Mooney and Cole Quitt were invisible.

difficult game.

8. Man oh man. The Bears got into bed work with about eight minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. After a very aggressive campaign, led by David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert, Justin Fields was stopped at the 1-yard line in third and goal. On the fourth day on target, a horrible call from a submachine gun from Getsy stuffed the fields. The replay showed a possible landing, but the call was off. This would make him 24-16, PAT pending. Unfortunately, it is a turnover in fluctuations.

You should take credit for the heart of the bears, but that may be in vain.

9. Keller Gordon was burned again by Sammy Watkins in a deep throw to banish the match. Oh my God, was it bad tonight?

10. Not a great comeback to Lambeau Field for Luke Getsy tonight. So much for that story.

11. We didn’t see a ton of Justin Fields tonight either. He couldn’t throw much, but he didn’t play well either, missing some open receivers (including not seeing an open EQSB on what would have been a touchdown). He took some bags that shouldn’t be bags. But he should have been rewarded with a second touchdown and making this game a game too…

12. Advanced Lessons from Matt LaFleur. He has completely dominated the Bears coaches since his arrival in Green Bay.

13. The Bears return to Soldier Field next Sunday to face Luffy Smith and 0-1-1 Houston Texans, who fought the Colts to a tie and fought valiantly against the Broncos in Denver. Two similar teams (rebuilders, defensive blueprints, young sophomore QBs) fight along the lake front. This might be one of the most boring games the bears play all year long.

Early prediction: Bears 16, Texas 13.

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